Subnautica Below Zero Seatruck Update - Subnautica

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imageSubnautica Below Zero Seatruck Update - Subnautica

Subnautica: Below Zero has received its first big Early Access update. Check out the Seatruck Update Site to see all the sweet new features in action! Seatruck modular underwater utility...

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    Hey, I'm trying to update on the epic games launcher, but it doesn't seem to have it. Is this purposely done, and is it only on steam for this update. I would like some info on why this is happening. Thanks in advance.
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    This is awesome - an aquarium next to a replicator module is like a mobile underwater gourmet kitchen.
    Storage-wise it's a bit underwhelming, with a storage module storing just little more than a wall locker. It's not so much a mobile base like a fully outfitted cyplops, but the modular concept is great and leaves room for a lot of interesting stuff.
    Maybe we even get a docking facility this time - the old moonpool doesn't seem to play well with multi-module seatrucks ;)
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