HIVE Skill not Updating (2 Week Issue)

bjornskbjornsk South Carolina, United States of America Join Date: 2019-03-06 Member: 251531Members
- Viewing Observatory ( )
- SH_Teamstats in game using the console ( )
- And occasionally clicking on the profile whilst in game showing HIVE Skill on servers that provide this option

All of this had led me to see that HIVE skill isn't updating for me; I've also heard this has been an ongoing for others, however, I didn't know if everyone had this same issue. This has been going on for about two weeks now and I've decided I should try to ask people that probably know the answer to this problem.

Occasionally the HIVE skill will change every once and a while, this usually isn't after I play a game but rather me simply logging into the game itself and updating my page on Observatory before a game.
If you take a look at my Observatory page you'll see these random small incremental changes i.e. 1619 > 1626 and the most recent one of 1626 > 1592, they're all very far apart in dates and I've have many games played in between them.

When these changes occurred I was in game and winning multiple games, however, this did not effect my HIVE skill. I would also like to clarify I've been in multiple different servers and this is the same case so I wouldn't assume it's me being rather unintelligent and only playing in a Beta Test server.

I would also like to say that my experience in-game hasn't been going up either nor my actual in-game level except for those random small incremental changes that occur very randomly.

If anyone could provide the answer to this for me I would truly appreciate it, thanks so much.


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