Stone-Age Africa (Please read this developers)

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I realize this has nothing to do with subnautica, in fact, it has nothing to do with anything, this is an idea for a whole new game i think the devs could make after they finish Subnautica: Below Zero, this page will have multiple parts to it, and may be long to some, but if you take the time to read this, I think you’ll be satisfied and like my idea. (The numbers are in roman numerals)

Part I – Setting
This takes place in ancient Africa, stone-age Africa, where you have some of the extinct animals and people are making throwing spears and live in towns, villages, and tribes. There will be a timeline where seasons will come and go, every month in real time is one month in the game, and hours are hours and minutes are minutes.

Part II – Appropriate
This game should be appropriate for all ages, so no bad words, for example: G-d, sh-t, h-ll, and none of the others. And this game should be appropriate to the eye too, so no inappropriate scenes or people. Also, no bad entities like demons, ghosts, deities, cannibals or zombies or skeletons.

Part III – Beginning
You start in a pillaged and burning village, you have many burns on your arms and chest, and burnt holes in your shirt. You have to wonder the village, avoiding fires and falling boards, and collect items, food, and water. When you first wake up in your house, there is a back-pack to your right, it has holes in it so only two pockets are usable, you can find more and better back-packs searching through the village. You won’t find any usable tools other than some hammers, which you use to build small shelters, upgraded hammers will allow more options.

Part IV – Hunting
Hunting is very important, you have to be able to hunt during at least the first two weeks in the game in order to survive. Hunting in the game is similar to real life, you have to consider where to hit the animal to make it die. If you hit it in the leg, that will brake it and cause the animal to slow drastically, if you hit it in the head or heart, the animal will die immediately. When pulling a spear or arrow out, blood will begin to flow at greater speeds from the wound. Knowing which animals to hunt is also important, some frogs are poisonous and there are poisonous grubs too; when you get poisoned an alert will appear at the bottom of the screen reading, WARNING: POISONED. This is the same if you get hurt in any way, a scratch, broken leg, arm, bleeding, etc.

Part V – Injuries
There are many ways to get hurt, and I mean, a lot, in this game, plus there are illnesses, and symptoms to identify what illness you might have. The most common way to get hurt in this game is while hunting, if your hunting a water buffalo, which will give you heaps of meat and hide, and you hurt it, it is most likely the buffalo will charge at you. If you get hit head on by a buffalo, you will most likely die if you don’t have proper clothing, if you do, however, survive a buffalo hitting you, you will have broken limbs and bruises and scratches and broken bones, and it would be better to just respawn in another game, but if you don’t feel like loosing your progress, the next line will tell you healing methods. Some examples of ways to get hurt or die could be: Falling off a cliff or tree, getting bitten by a snake, suffocating under a rock slide, drowning in water or mud, starving, dehydrating, getting trampled, lion attacks, etc.

Part VI – Healing
Healing is also very important in this game, if you don’t know how to heal, then the climate and animals will make short work of you. There are multiple ways to heal and different healing methods you need to use in order to fix curtain problems; if you brake a bone or limb, you’ll need a splint, or if you get scratched, you’ll need to tie some sort of healing leaf around it, you can’t just tie a leaf around a scratch and expect it to prevent infection, in fact, some leaf’s will actually cause infection. If you have a broken bone, though, a splint won’t be enough, you have to pop the bone back into place, which will cause a delightful, actually sickening, popping sound.

Part VII – Tools
Here is a list of tools: Hammer, spear, bow-n-arrow, axe, pickaxe, and the farther you progress in S.A.A. the more tools become available, tools like a spear gun, catapult, and small boats, though you don’t just suddenly have a new option, you have to research it, and not like in games such as Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, but you have to go to a village that has researched the option already and find someone who is willing to teach you.

Part VIII – Research
As said above, you don’t just choose a research and you can keep playing, you actually have to learn it. When you research, the person teaching you will show you how to do it, and you have to use different keys to change the direction of the wood or place a pressure canister the right way. If you look at it with a curtain perspective, you could think of it as a copying game, the teacher makes one, and you have to copy it with in a curtain time frame, if you don’t finish before times up, you have to try again. This process will continue until your teacher thinks you’re ready, there will be a bar on the right side of the screen whenever you enter your teachers house or shop, telling you how far you are until you’re ready to do it on your own, once that happens, the option to craft it will be in your crafting menu, so don’t worry, you won’t actually have to remember how to do it.

Part IX – Intelligence
When you have intelligence in S.A.A., it means your in a curtain age, starting in the stone-age, working up to higher ages. When you’re in a curtain age, curtain building options will be available, if you’ve researched them that is. Intelligence for S.A.A. also plays a role in your mind, you must remember which things to eat, how long something lasts, which illness a symptom is referring to, and even remember where to hunt!

Part X – Identification
In S.A.A., identification is key, you might need to identify a plant to eat, what type of toad you’re looking at, or what time it is when looking at the sun. You can also identify if a wound is infected just be looking at it, the wound will be darker and grosser. Identification is actually quite critical to survival, there might be a log, wait, that’s not a log! or a tree, no, that’s a giraffe almost trampling me! You can also choose an actual age, starting at 14, going up to 25.

Part XI - Trading
You can also trade in S.A.A.. Trading is a great way to obtain resources that would otherwise be hard to come by. It can also get you started on a garden, just trade for some seeds! There are also values for certain items, you could trade a spear gun for 150 gold or for heaps of resources such as food and armored clothing. You can also trade or buy properties with buildings you might or might not be able to make yourself, for example: when you train with a CPU that teaches you how to make a catapult, other options that use a wheel, such as a water mill, will become available as well.

Tip! Water Mills can be used to create power once you have learned how to use it!
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