Another bug lol - floodlight power bug this time

WaterBatmanWaterBatman UK Join Date: 2019-01-11 Member: 248543Members
So to make a long story short, on this playthrough I seem to have a bug when placing floodlights, that most of the time they receive no power. The ghost is yellow not green. My base has over 11k power and is surrounded by foundations. If I place a floodlight ON any of the MP rooms or actual buildings they work fine, but place it anywhere on the foundation or surrounding area and its a no go.

I even swam away a bit and placed two solar panels on a rock, along with a floodlight. I let the solar panels charge up fully and still nothing. So it doesnt seem to be base / foundation related from what I can see. Just add it to the list of annoying bugs that still need fixed in this game I guess lol.

I F8d it like I normally do but I think those reports just go straight to the trash or something.
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