Subnautica : Below Zero. Bugs found by me.



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    The scanner room reports nodes/chunks/items that aren't there when I get there. This happens a lot; roughly 30% of the reported nodes/chunks/items are note there when I get there (or send a camera to find them). Very frustrating and wastes lots of time (and air)

    Playing version 24222
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    Mardy wrote: »
    Fish swimming inside bases (had the same bug in original game), pick up a module in the truck when its on the surface and it will be half flooded with water which then also floods the rest of the truck, biggest bug so far is the storey line - two girls, sisters, bad voice acting totally not believable, not as bad as Far Cry New Dawn, but nor far off, I would recast it with one man, make them not related, drop all the political correctness and just make a space game

    What political correctness?
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    I'm having issues with the Prawn suit disappearing. I've built two and they have both disappeared. I can still see their beacon and I'm assuming they have fallen through the map. On both occasions I've had them parked on the glacier island.

    Does anyone have any insight into this and if I can get them back? Very frustrating.

    Early Access
    Feb-2020 24222

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    senjuroo wrote: »
    the mobile vehicle bay doesnt open when i drop it in the see, i made second one same.. i restart nothing. anyne else has same problem??( belowzero)

    You don't just drop it. You need to move from your inventory, into one of your 5 slots. Then deploy it from there.
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    Has anyone encountered a bug of oxygen tanks disappearing from inventory when swapping them while swimming or having your equipped tank disappear upon loading a saved game that is out in the water? it has happened to me a few times now. im using the may 2020 27761 build
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    I bought Subzero based upon my stellar experience with the original, only to be shocked to be informed after purchase that Subzero is a work in progress. I decided to not ask for a refund in the hopes that the bugginess would not be too terrible.

    I have twice run into a bug which causes the game to lock up and attempt to throw me into a debugger. The second instance occurred after I had about 8+ hours of game play. I don't mind the crashes so much, so long as I don't lose all my game time and have to start over, which I absolutely refuse to do yet again.

    I looked for a cache file to delete hoping that was the problem to no avail, but it appears that the problem is now embedded in the saved game file. The interval between rebooting the game and crashing is now measured in only a few minutes.
    1. Is there a way to recover my saved game so I can continue?
    2. If so, how?
    3. When can we expect an update to fix this problem once and for all?


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    1. Possibly a dip through textures.
    2. "Sticky" tools. If builder activated for make anything is not possible do anything else.
    3. Russian speech and subtitles are partially translated.
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