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    Looks like a mini tank unit - supports skulks or gorge. reminds of of the roach in sc : P
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    #2 looks great. "Theropod" seems like the big missing body plan from ns2.
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    For diversity I really like Specimen #1. The grapple swing would be a fun and intriguing way to get around albeit not super easy. Probably not noob friendly.

    Aesthetically I really like Specimen #2.

    The rest have their things but in general the roles are already taken by currently implemented lifeoforms.I Diversity is a key factor in adding new things to the game so Specimen 1 is kind of like an advanced skulk with leap. Specimen 3 is also too skulk like. Specimen 4 and 5 are basically gorges with some better abilities. Specimen 6 is like a weaker onos with stomp + boneshield.

    Ya know what would be a nasty idea that sounds totally awesome? Combine all these ideas into one. Think about this... All or most of these get added to the game but not as stand alone lifeforms but as evolution to current lifeforms!

    Remember how I said some of these are very similar to the lifeforms we currently have? Well that would tie in perfectly with the ability to be a life form and evolve into something similar but have different ppurposes. Think about this. A skulk gets some resources to evolve throughout a match but needs to do skulk things for most of the game. Bite RTS.. grind a PG etc. What if instead of going from skulk to fade, or skulk to Onos, we can add these as intermediate steps to add variety to the game.

    Need to get to Rts quicker?
    Skulks could sidegrade into the more agile and bleedy Specimen #3. Dashing around the map at faster speeds to avoid marines.

    Need to be more offensive?
    Evolve into Specimen #1 so to increase your combat effectiveness with grapple evasions and quick movement sets.

    Gorges could go a more offensive role as specimen # 5, or a more Saboteur/range role as specimen #4

    Lerks could become trex's because Science.

    Onos or fades could choose a more defensive role and become Specimen #6


    How would this work?
    I am no genius when it comes to balancing or even good at it probably but I think it could go either way when it comes down to Pres v Tres.

    Idea 1:

    This could be a purchasable upgrade like shotguns are to marines, where you can select the lifeforms as an upgrade for a nominal price. Less than that of a direct upgrade like a Skulk to Lerk but not enough to bankrupt the alien unless they constantly die.


    They could be unlocked by hive type.

    It would be an interesting concept if these aliens were set behind hive types. A craghive is a defensive hive so defensive aliens would be unlocked. Specimen 4 & 6 would then be purchasable.

    Specimen 1 & 3 could be behind a Shift hive since they deal with movement

    Shade hive would unlock 2 & 5 mostly because they deal with liquids which could be considered a way to disrupt enemy senses. Depending on implementation of course.

    I would not be against a research cost to this in addition to having another hive as a requirement.


    Regarding Evolution between lifeform types

    One could only select that evolution if they are of the same type. Like a Fade could not become a Specimen #1 type alien. You would have to be a skulk. This would allow people to diversify the aliens and how they work together but not switch up roles. A fade and its evolutions will still be better at combat than a skulk or a lerk "*whenever lerks are less OP then they should be*". Gorges will be healers, oni - fat meat shields and all that.


    Pros and Cons

    There ought to be some Pros and cons to evolving into one of these. Or else why would be want to become a higher lifeform?

    The descriptions already have a indication why these evolved lifeforms could excel at certain things but be different enough where they are not perfect in all situations.

    Specimen #1 - could lose its ability to climb walls like skulks with wallwalk but instead have to rely on its tentacles to get up in places. Like a Wall jump. Think assasins creed but no ledges. Horizontal movement could be improved while verticality becomes limited.
    Specimen #2 - Gain armor and mobility but lose flight - if its a lerk upgrade
    Specimen #3 - Lose some armor but gain a boost in speed
    Specimen #4 - Lose speed but gain mid - ranged attacks
    Specimen #5 - given offensive toolset. Lose its support toolset. No clogs, babs, webs, hydras. Still can healspray.
    Specimen #6 - If a fade sidegrade then firstly lose speed but gain defensive properties like smash, shield etc. Also works as an onos sidegrade. Much more defensive, less offensive.

    Just some thoughts on the matter. let me know what you guys think.

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    mix them all like skav2 says but add some new stuff to marines too and bring to us Natural Selection 3!! :)
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    they're all beautiful
  • MikplayeurMikplayeur Join Date: 2009-05-09 Member: 67373Members
    Very cool concepts. Good job.
    I'm just going to behave as a teenager too spoiled. I want all these 6 lifeforms for NS3. ^^
    More seriously it is really kinda cool stuff and a well thought gameplay attributed to each lifeform.
    It is just missing one flying lifeform for an alternative to the Lerk.
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