Subnautica Patch: PlayStation 4 (1.07)

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Hi, everyone.
Going forward I'm going to post a new topic here for each console patch so we can gather feedback(positive and negative). Let me know if this is helpful/feedback is appreciated.

We've just released a new patch for Subnautica on PS4, it may take some time to appear on your console but it is making its way as we speak.

PS4 Patch Notes(1.07)
- Fix for photo album not saving
- Fix for Aurora locker room false wall
- Improvements to Seamoth docking
- Optimizations to address memory related crashes in end game

Thank you everyone who has submitted feedback in game, we do not respond to most but we are using this feedback to prioritize bugs and to reproduce issues you're seeing. We've added more specific error messaging for save game errors, so if you ever experience an issue with an error while saving please post it in our Bug Reporting forum and a link in this thread if you don't mind.

We are already working on the next set of patches, and the Xbox equivalent of this patch is going through the certification process as we speak.
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