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  • CochonouCochonou France Join Date: 2019-01-19 Member: 249024Members
    False positives with the HUD were almost always related with mined out ressources (with the PRAWN drilling arm) that did not disappear after mining.
    Did you see other instances of false positives ?
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    Cochonou wrote: »
    False positives with the HUD were almost always related with mined out ressources (with the PRAWN drilling arm) that did not disappear after mining.
    Did you see other instances of false positives ?

    The majority of false positives I've seen were not related to mined out areas (I can be sure of this since when I first noticed them, and for some considerable time thereafter, I did not have either the PRAWN suit or the drilling arm :D ). In fact, the initial instances I saw were metal salvage, which is not a resource that can be mined, I believe.
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    BQuimby wrote: »
    Terrain not loading/rendering is a big issue - it seems the terrain is still "there", since vehicles/cameras take damage when intersecting with the position where the terrain *should* be visible, and it's very annoying/disorienting. the terrain issues have effectively made the game unplayable: I am at the point in the story where the clues suggest I must visit a certain sea-base location at 500m in the DGR, and as I travel towards the location, the *vast majority* of the terrain when heading deeper (towards the sea bed) is invisible, save for some surreal "edges" of invisible rock faces. As I pass across the boundaries of the invisible terrain, my vehicle takes damage as if I had hit it, and since I can't see any of it, that's happening rather a lot, so by the time I get anywhere near the location, I'm in no fit state to deal with whatever's lurking there... :(

    Unknown Worlds, please fix ASAP!!

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    Still having the same issue i absolutely love this game to bits but this really ruins the gameplay this really needs to be fixed ASAP
  • wesleepiewesleepie Roseburg oregon Join Date: 2020-04-10 Member: 259864Members
    I send and report my bugs on PS4 pro. Wish you'd respond, streaming bugs when I can to get more people to get more attention on the issues that are needing resolved. Would like to have more aspects of the game playable rather than buggy and choppy, no regrets buying, I love it, just want you to finish the game before moving on to subzero, not gonna buy the next game if you can't finish the last one. You're not alone on this, many other game developors do temporarily abandoned console development like 7days to die, Minecraft, the forest and more. Then they leave it to computer game development, and/or if the community really wanted a fix or update, then that's when the modding community does what people were saying and willing to pay for. Adding content is easy for the community, especially on computer, fixing how a game runs and how it uses its procedures is not easy nor plausible on consoles. Most of my issues is lag from fire animations, random fire in the water, being launch out of my cyclopse being sent across the map, and having to safe or fast way to travel, because my sub is god knows where, sometimes getting in to the sub it doesn't see I'm in an fully powered oxygenated sub, tries to drown me. In my own working sub. Foundation loading lag, traveling faster then loading chunks causes poles to spawn and pin my seamoth in place. I destroyed it after my seamoth converge with my base and was consistently making love noise. Banging was so annoying. Some chunks don't load, but minerals do, and sometimes you can mine them, in the land, sometimes it loads and teleports me and the seamoth inside the aroura , leaving me stranded as I didn't have tools to abandoned my seamoth and leave. It was ship shit inception. Lol
    Hope this gets attention, if you or anyone else care to see the random bugs happen, they usually do often on my live stream. Wesleepie.
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