New Combat mod version 6

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I've been working on some changes to the Combat mod lately. It has been focusing on 3 main intertwined goals:
  • Faster Combat games so they don't need to go into overtime
  • Give Marines a reason to get out of their base
  • Improve upgrade viability to give players more choice

To accomplish these goals, I've changed the mod in these significant ways:
  • Marine base now spawns ARCs periodically that will move across the map towards the Alien hive. Once near, they will deploy and target the hive if it is sighted. They have roughly half the HP of normal ARCs and move at roughly half speed. When destroyed, they will provide a substantial amount of XP to the destroyer and a smaller amount of XP to aliens nearby. This should supply aliens with a much-needed early game XP boost and also give marines a reason to move out into the map.
  • XP requirements for each level have been reworked and it is mostly faster to gain extra levels. Bonus XP is awarded if you kill a player that is a higher level than you. Because of this the following upgrades now require an extra level: lerk, fade, onos, and exos.
  • Marine EMP ability has been replaced with an "Improved Resupply" tech. For 1 level, marines can now call in a medpack (or ammopack) early with the appropriate request key. When a pack is spawned, the resupply GUI icon will turn red, it will reset the resupply timer, and add +5 seconds. It cannot be used until the resupply timer is back on normal cooldown. Note that the medpacks and ammopacks called in this way will persist on the ground for 25 seconds.
  • Ink-taunt has been reworked to automatically trigger when spotted or scanned. Duration has also been shortened from 6.3 seconds down to 2.5 seconds. Ink will now destroy any nearby scans.

Note to server operators: If you wish to disable the ARC spawning behaviour, you can edit the Combat.json file and set ModARCSpawnEnabled to "false" to disable the entire feature.


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