Below Zero request - Vehicles.

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An improved main submarine. The Cyclops is flawed. Just yesterday I had to abandon another one as I had "foolishly" logged out whilst down in the Lava caverns and when I came back in, my Cyclops was stuck and tumbling. I tried floaters, pushing with a Seamoth and Prawn to no avail. I always lost it. With the modded improvements to the Seamoth, there is very little point to even having the Cyclops. Oh and please give us hatches which don't smack us in the face when we open them. Apart from that, we need more data if we are having to use the cameras. We shouldn't have to keep popping out of the camera to see compass directions or (in my modded case) leaving the con altogether to pull up the map. Finally, there has to be a way to ensure that any additions we build on the inside, particularly growing food, does not impact the outside of the sub.

I'm hearing about an all-in-one vehicle we may have which will start like a Seamoth but can be added to until it is akin to the Cyclops. I'd really like to see us able to keep a small, nimble craft within the larger as we could before.

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