Re-join after crash

MackilaMackila Join Date: 2003-05-30 Member: 16867Members, Constellation

I know most effort should be put on fixing crashes, so this feature would have no use, but until crashes are gone, could we have some reconnect-to-same-server feature (or have servers recognize that the player slot used by old-crashed-client can be released and given back to same player reconnecting just after the crash) ?

- Mack


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    Crashed players will timeout much faster with the next update (about 15 seconds if I remember correctly). So you'll be able to rejoin the server. It would be nice to have a "join last server" feature. :)
  • MackilaMackila Join Date: 2003-05-30 Member: 16867Members, Constellation
    I was thinking of "on connection to server, check if connecting player is allready connected (!), and if so, take him where he was (lifeform/equipment if he did not died doing nothing, res,...)".
    Having a "sorry you crashed, do you want to reconnect to where you were ?" question at start, if game did not end correctly, would be great too.

    Both feature would reduce the annoyance of crashes...
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    I second this. It would be so nice if you can rejoin with your stuff if you crashed.
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