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I played Subnautica Early Access (SEA) for over three hundred hours but never completed it. I loved the game but it always became frustrating, primarily due to getting lost/having a tough time exploring, particularly in the undersea caverns.

When Sub Zero launched in early access, I purchased it but haven't played it. This time, I'm happy to support it but I'd rather not have most of the surprises spoilt so I'm going to wait for the release.

Because of SZ, however, I took another look at S and discovered that modders had stepped in, as they do with many games, making the game so much better including giving us a map! So, first of all, THANK YOU to you generous modders.

Second, this had me thinking about the new game and hoping that the developers would have paid attention to our feedback and incorporate some of it.

For me, the following would be my wishlist. :) If any of my requests are already included, please forgive me as I'm avoiding most posts on the game at the moment. :)

1) A map. It never made any sense that we had a powerful computer with sensors which could reach great distances, nanotechnology with which to create, vehicles with which to explore yet not even a crude map. Of course, make it optional for those masochists who prefer exploring without. :)

2) A much greater variety of building and decorating choices. There are a great many of us builder types who love games such as this which allow for creativity and we can get lost for hours just building. :)

3) An improved main submarine. The Cyclops is flawed. Just yesterday I had to abandon another one as I had "foolishly" logged out whilst down in the Lava caverns and when I came back in, my Cyclops was stuck and tumbling. I tried floaters, pushing with a Seamoth and Prawn to no avail. I always lost it. With the modded improvements to the Seamoth, there is very little point to even having the Cyclops. Oh and please give us hatches which don't smack us in the face when we open them. Apart from that, we need more data if we are having to use the cameras. We shouldn't have to keep popping out of the camera to see compass directions or (in my modded case) leaving the con altogether to pull up the map. Finally, there has to be a way to ensure that any additions we build on the inside, particularly growing food, does not impact the outside of the sub.

4) Speaking of the Seamoth, the modded improvements make absolute sense. Giving us an arm with which to pick up from the outside for instance. It has always been a huge immersion breaker that we go down to depths which would crush us were it not for the protection of our vehicle......then we pop out to gather up resources. At the very least we need an explanation as to how we can survive the pressure in just a wetsuit. Otherwise, make this the norm for the vehicle, just as it is in the real world. We can interact with scanners and grabbers, etc.

5) Airlocks on our bases. Please give us optional airlock pieces for added immersion.

6) Autosorter. This mod is probably my second favourite mod after the map. Coupled with the resource monitor it makes things much easier and more logical. Please give us something similar. :)

7) Plant-based options for stored food. The Aurora has nutrient blocks and a modder has allowed us to craft them. Please give us these or something similar for those of us who don't wish to live off animals. :)

8) Slightly larger rooms. For constructions like the alien containment, we need larger rooms so that we're not shimmying around it and can actually comfortably fit some furniture.

Just in case anybody, like me, didn't realise there were now mods, here is the best source of them:

That's all I can think of for now. I may add to it later. Thank you for your consideration. :)


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    1. Agreed, it'd be nice to have. I can live without one, but I'd love to have one. Especially if there's optional modes like topographical view and other fun stuff. Might make Beacons irrelevant though, but I can see them being the 'Early Game' nav and the global map coming later.

    2. YES. Aesthetic stuff especially rocks. I remember getting the Xbox version and popping into Creative and seeing "blueprints" for a lot of stuff, like the <No Signal> computers, crates, and more. They weren't actually craftable though :< We should be able to place a lot of stuff like this if only for decorative reasons!

    3. We're getting a new sub that's replacing both the Seamoth and the Cyclops. It's called the Sea Truck, and it starts off with just one compartment. This is "Seamoth Mode" basically. Fast and nimble. Then you construct additional compartments (An aquarium, storage modules, a planter, etc) and attach it. You can walk between 'em just like the Cyclops.... And it makes it slower and more unwieldy - just like the Cyclops!

    4. See above; the Sea Truck is replacing the Seamoth.

    5. Sort of goes along with 2, though I don't think a dedicated airlock module like in Osiris: New Dawn will be a thing.

    6. Would be nice. I also liked the mod that crafted stuff from nearby lockers w/o you needing to actually have them in your inventory too xD

    7. Nothing like that in BZ just yet, even though the planter boxes and Planter Module for the Sea Truck are a thing (Just not accessible normally yet outside of Creative or unlockall). I never did understand why we could never craft Nutrient Blocks....

    8. Stuff like that seems to be coming, if the Favro boards are anything to go by.
    DrownedOut wrote: »
    Over on favro there's a card for "Large Base Room", labeled "High Priority" and "April 30 2019". Schedules and plans can change, of course, but things are looking favorable.

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