Cyclops Power Management

HippnoticHippnotic Join Date: 2018-11-11 Member: 244646Members
Idk if it's just me? But, my Cyclops runs out of power.. SOOO GD fast?! Why?

I can put 6 full power cells in it. And I can drive for like maybe 15-20 mins. And I'm dead in the water, again.

I don't have chargers installed. Just a bunch of lockers. And a couple plants and a bed. That's it..

So.. why is this thing eating power? And where do I find the blueprints for ion batteries and cells?


  • gcsgcs usa Join Date: 2021-04-16 Member: 269199Members
    1. Use "standard" or "slow" speeds
    2. Don't use shields all the time.
    3. Install the engine efficiency module

    That works for me. I can run quite a while on that. I keep a full set of charged power cells in a locker.
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