A Third Subnautica?

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I was thinking about things that i think people would want that are not easy to get, when i thought, genetic mutations.

The idea is you can make your own exotic animal for your alien containment, i thought this could be implemented because you're studying alien tech, I think that eventually you come across some machines in an alien factory that you can scan, four things, to be exact, which give you a four necessary machines in order to create your own exotic alien.

1. DNA extractor:
This machine is found in the third room you find, it can be placed anywhere in your base. It extracts the DNA from a creature egg or creature in alien containment, and gives it to you in the form of a capsule.

2. DNA purifier:
This machine is found in the fourth room you find, it can be placed anywhere in your base. This purifies the DNA which you extracted into usable components.

3. DNA fuser:
This is found in two fragments, one in the fourth room and another in the sixth room, can be placed anywhere in your base. This fuses the two DNA capsules you've obtained into a creature egg.

4. Incubator:
(Is not essential to creating a creature) This is found in the first room you find, is large and has to be placed in the center of the room like the bioreactor. Can hold up to four eggs, when an egg is placed inside, the eggs hatching speed is increased by 24 (game) hours, but is harder to obtain dew to how it's made.

Items needed to make each machine:
DNA extractor - Wiring kit x2, titanium x6, copper ore x4, copper wire x1
DNA purifier - titanium x 6, wiring kit x1, copper wire x1
DNA fuser - ruby x2, wiring kit x2, copper wire x1, titanium x 5
Incubator - Advanced wiring kit x2, copper wire x4, titanium x12, copper ore x3, glass x2 (optional)

Only some creature DNA can be fused.
Example - Bone shark and Brute shark, peeper and boomerang, or cave crawler and Sea Treader.
Some hybrid creatures can be bred with other hybrids.

And if you get the combination right, you might just make an extinct alien walk again.

I was told how to post a discussion by @subnauticambrian, and by the way, thank you for that.

I apologize for the crossed out part, had to remake this discussion from, "man made creatures?" to, "A Third Subnautica".

What i was thinking (for background) was this

You are being studied in an alien precursors lab in order to find out how you are able to survive different diseases largely unharmed, when there was an explosion in another lab and a chemical fire started. This lab was studying DNA mixture to see if the precursors could create something else to ward of the kharaa virus infected creatures, but it didn't work and the DNA that was being used infected your body, you now have to find a cure for the DNA mutation infection which will eventually kill you, so you escape the lab and find various items along the way out of the building such as: food, water, and a survival knife (optional), you also find a scanner and are able to scan the fragments of one of the machines in the blown up lab to create part of the devise used to save yourself from the mutation. During this period, you find evidence of other people used in the lab to help the precursors cure the kharaa, and find clues of how to create your own lab and fix your messed up DNA.

Wuda bout that? Like that better?


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    This was a considered idea long ago with the Transfuser, but it's too time consuming, complicated, and doesn't work, much like terraforming.
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    But over all, do you like the idea?
    Don't pay any atention to these, :#
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    I believe the idea to be well thought off and it would definitely enrich the player experience and when I try to envision this tech as you described it and the resulting abilities of said tech as part of below zero I have to wonder why the player would want to do so in the grand scheme of things.

    What do we know about the precursor race from original subnautica pertaining to your idea?

    a. Precursors created warpers as a species or soldiers aggressive towards fauna that contains the kharaa bacterium over a certain percentage of infection level and as such fits the storyline. Besides, they have the ability to survive for a very long period of time and have anti-aging properties (they are bio-mechanical.)

    b. Precursors were not liked by the sea emperor as they saw nature as a means to an end, an ideology which finally leads to their corporeal extinction. The aliens were seen as domineering over the natural elements and thought of nature as something to be harvested and non-sentient, where-as we see the nature, especially the relationship between us and the sea-emperor, relying on a mutual goal of survival.

    c. Warpers are the only fauna creation of precursors we've been exposed to and they complicated our survivability on the planet because they don't have a built-in mechanism to identify whether the infected object is sentient or not. Hence, eliminating anything that is infected and moves is their main programming as set up by the precursors.

    d. They saw themselves as superiour beings and therefore are egotistical to the point that they don't believe any other sentient species could arise and find the cure for the kharaa bacterium and have therefore setup mechanisms to eliminate infected sentient life-forms. Of course, we have to assume that the alien defensive tower in subnautica was not meant for us, it was meant for their own species.

    I don't believe that we can avoid the fact that the ability to produce DNA mutating technology as you described should be an impossibility primarily because Alterra is after any alien tech they can get their hands on. We are still to discover all the amazing tech the precursors invented and perhaps use some of it. The main themes of subnautica are explore, discover, survive. With that said, I can't imagine how anything we can retrofit from alien tech is not to have very important consequences to the narrative of subnautica. Simply being able to modify DNA to experiment with species for the purposes of alien containment seems like throwing away an idea that should have much higher impact on the telling of the story. And besides, why should we be forced to place the new creations into alien containment only, we should be able to let loose our creations into the wild to see how they may impact the environment and that opens a whole other box of problems and questions. I'm not sure if subnautica world is ready for this kind of technology yet. I get the feel like it's still too early. There are many other questions that need answering at this point in time and in below zero it doesn't seem to be the solution for the problem that has presented itself.

    In original subnautica, we got infected. In below zero we have an alien stuck in our head and our player is potentially psychologically compromised. We are again dealing with a foreign invader in our body and we have to get him out if we are to survive. His presence will have detrimental effects on the player health and hypothetically the relationship with the sea-emperor species as it's very likely that the sea-emperor will be able to sense the Al-An's presence in our cerebral cortex. Hence, it seems to me whatever technology aliens possess in the story of below zero we will need to seek the tech that will allow us to remove Al-An from our head leaving little room for genetic experimentation at this time. I see your idea as a potentially separate off-shoot of subnautica, where a player has been exposed to some type of alien mutagen which is causing his to evolutionary revert or change into something completely else and the whole game becomes a race against time to find the solution while we still have all our senses and the need to experiment with our own DNA and that of life around the planet including viruses and bacteria takes primary relevance. The fact of the matter (and what below zero proves) is that we are forced to discover alien tech for Alterra and that life-altering, hazardous mistakes are made. Alterra's protocol is to sacrifice people in order to find out more about alien tech. Hence, Alterra's motives are becoming more clear and potentially they may be seen as a bigger threat to the nature of the planet then the precursors. In below zero, we downloaded an alien conscience into our brain, in subnautica 3 or 4 or 5 it could be genetic mutation.

    Hope this helps the overall discussion :-)
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    Fine... So a third subnautica, perhaps when things started to heat up instead, when you have to fined a cure to a virus that is mutating you into something completely strange and potentially dangerous would be a good time to implement this capability? Whatever, i think that it'd be fun to have another subnautica, maybe, Subnautica: Over Heat, with this.
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    Well, if we were to expand on the idea I would probably go with something like Subnautica: Deep Within.

    I like that title for the following two reasons:

    1. It indicates an exploration that is deep within the fabric of life (DNA)
    2. It sets up a hint towards the location of the next adventure, namely an interplanetary ocean of 4546B located somewhere between the planet's core and below zero setting.

    I foresee a more sinister version of subnautica with this idea as we will be cut off from the sunlight, any communication with Alterra and the evolution of life in deep within will have heavily relied on the alien experiments which took place there by the renegade group of aliens who threw the ethics out of the window when their species was near extinction.

    See, the issue is that any play with DNA cannot be taken lightly. Nature makes mutations in subtle ways dependant on large iterations of a species, but once sentient forms hijack that mechanism and put it in overgear, aberrations will occur and some might not be possible to be contained, some might even be bloodthirsty.

    How do we get there?
    Let’s say that towards the end below zero sets up the scene by Al-An giving hints in regards to the existence of the abysmal ocean where our kind has been (but he doesn’t say that we have been experimented on) and we uncover an inactive hexagonal archway which is not upright but embedded in the ocean floor. Deep within could start with Alterra having reactivated that archway and having sent people through already and lost contact with them. This is where our mission comes in and we end up either being sent through or pulled in as a consequence of having sent a probe through and it pulling us in.

    How about a bit on the background story?
    We know precursors have visited earth in the past due to the artifact sword we found in the lava lakes sanctuary of subnautica. Perhaps they went there and saw that humans are still in the primitive stages of evolution and cull each other through wars (the sword is from the 1300's.) They also see that our immune systems have been able to survive all kinds of diseases, albeit with many dying but eventually we adapt to the point where we beat the disease, and that makes them realize that they could put that to good use. Furthermore earth is a planet vibrant with life and the result of their observations is Noah's arc type reaction where they load up their ship with let's say some magical number (9 of each male, female, pregnant female, children) of humans and some flora and fauna from earth they consider most promising (DNA variance) for finding the cure for kharaa.

    The possibilities for deep within are becoming endless and outright scary. We are looking at life which resulted from genetically mixing human and a handful of animal and plant species from the earth and possibly 4546B. The stuff I can see is enough to stand my hair upright for most of the play-through of “Deep Within.”

    The water is heavy, the cave crevices narrow and will make it more difficult to utilize existing seamoth because it’s too bulky and we will need something like a cavecrawler; a spider-like vehicle which will be able to climb around on the ocean walls and has 4 retractable legs to help us turn it into a more hydrodynamic vehicle.

    The leviathans are aberrations without eyes or with giant eyes, and lots of razor-like teeth and contain human genes. Predators with humanoid-like heads and glowing bodily features, mesmerizing eyes and camouflaged for darkness, peaking out of corners. Navigating this realm gives you the heebie-jeebies because you constantly have a feeling like you’re being watched by either one of these bloodthirsty predators peeking out of caves or the many carnivorous plants with eyes. Things went really wrong down here, and we are forced to become, to adapt to this reality as a part of our quest for survival.

    Our reliance on solar power for our bases goes out of the window, and we have to rely on heating pumps and/or currents created by water being heated on one end and cooled on the other, and steam/bio/nuclear plants.

    Having the mutagen be delivered into our body by a bite or hazardous use of alien tech again is both possible and sets up the premise that we will have to experiment on our selves perhaps and sometimes the results will not work in our favour but sometimes they will.

    We will have to rely on retrofitting as much alien tech as possible as Alterran tech has a very limited view of DNA based technologies because it has been ethically forbidden to play around with DNA and any discoveries curved or hidden away. Perhaps some not-so-ethical scientists came up with an idea or two but we have to dig our way to that information.

    What do you think so far guys?
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    Now that I've read the thread over again, I'm thinking should we start a new discussion and title it appropriately? A thread where we can explore the above idea and where it takes us in story and experience wise. :smile:
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    SO does useing this thread work? Or just make a new one?

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    Hey, this is alright I think. A third subnautica has a nicer ring to it than knowing the name already. I do refer to it as "deep within" in this post because it's easier to write that way :smile: I hope you enjoy the read. This is what's been cooking in my brain since the last post. Happy readin'!! :smile:

    This is one version of events and things will sound brutal at times but it is a dark take on things as they manifest themselves to me where aliens experiment with humans. I can visualize quite a lot right now and everything is blurry but this is the portion that came out first. We have seen what they are capable of and what they have done to the sea-emperor leviathan species who are capable of telepathy at long distances, hence sentient. Things take a sinister turn for us here because it is aliens vs humans from the 1300's as a result of the loosing fight of aliens vs kharaa (nature.) In this post I'm brainstorming certain mythological components of the story in hopes that they could give us some hints in regards to what the world of subnautica 3 could look like. Whereas the story line below has begun to reveal certain things to me like the need for quantum-based alien technologies, the size and shape of humanoid mutants we could be changing into as a result of our exposure to the mutagen, the feel of the lab where it all may have taken place and overall look of the realm I feel like it's far from a complete picture or how it would fit in the way subnautica is made. I'm hoping we can take this to another level, together.


    Imagine you are one of those humans captured by the aliens and you wake up in a circular room caged behind a glass door. You're inside a lab but you don't know it's a lab, you're from the 1300's and you can only say you're looking into a room, with a view at the center where you can see the aliens (nightmares) performing their work. You might have been a monk, a carpenter, a knights templar, a monarch, a simple farmer, a slave etc and life for you has been a reality as a function of sleeping, waking, eating and doing something for the micro community, clan or monarchy you find yourself in and now you are in this room that's 2 by 2 and looking out without any liberty and your past life fading as days go by. You look around and see other people and animals in similar cages, some of them shouting but you can't hear them, some of them hitting the door, but most of them still unconscious or simply still while crumpled in the corner. Within a nights' sleep, you have been reduced to a rat in a cage, and you don't even know it.


    It may be a possibility to get a peek of what they have been through because, by way of experimenting on human brains, the precursor renegade scientists developed the technological ability to download their mental imprints into the large storage banks we get to see at the beginning of "below zero." While exploring "deep within" we might be able to see snapshots of the anxiety, confusion and fear the humans must have experienced knowing that they won't survive as we interface with the alien technologies we discover while exploring "deep within" and we see the snippets of life from the human mind imprints captured within the miniature versions of machines (quantum mind imprints?) the aliens use for their own minds. Facing that as part of the storyline while fighting your own way to survive the world of "deep within" could be discouraging but also awakening to several ethical dilemmas the aliens must have faced. The snippets could also be used as a guide perhaps to help us understand how to concoct an anti-mutagen for ourselves.

    It slowly starts to become clear that ethical repercussions were slim to none for these precursors as they have been able to bring forward a way to cheat death to the precursor race and in such a way avoid the societal ethical blocks they may have initially faced to bring the level of their experimentation to phase two, the actual genetic modifications on life harboured from Earth to defeat kharaa. They were driven by the loss of hope. Saving their consciousness into machines was only a part of the battle, a backup preventative of complete loss of their civilization, but ultimately the mind backup is a hopeless farce without the working, healthy flesh. It begs the question, was it appropriate for the aliens to take the 36 human specimens plus 9 unborn (***plus secret 9-not telling yet, can you guess?) and experiment on them to save their own race? Politically and ethically, maybe the aliens were against it initially but the more of them died, and the societal structures fell they slowly entered a new age for their species and that is the age of socio-ethical disintegration and more of them were willing to follow the path of the renegade scientists. After all, they didn't doom the entire human race. Perhaps, they have steered the human history and affected its future by removing 45 individuals from the planet (and left a slim trace of their existence in the process which secretly persisted through the ages and eventually hinted Alterra to pursue them at 4546B) but there were millions of humans on earth at the time and 45 of them would have made a small difference on the grand scale of things, concerning the aliens. The way they saw it, thousands of humans were dying every day anyway by the hand of their own kind, whereas they only needed a small sample of humans which could lead them to discover a cure for the aggressive kharaa and their salvation.

    1. Views and perspectives from several different people in the cages
    - can be picked up from quantum mind imprints scattered around the alien bases
    - they are not visual but perhaps the screen turns the same way as in orig. subnautica when sea-emperor talks to us
    - or it could be represented through a fog, as if we're looking at someone else's dream
    - they're like mind journals or thoughts or fragments of thought that get downloaded into the player's brain (they occasionaly pop up when we're in an anxious situation during exploration?)

    Example 1:

    I look at them, as they operate on one pregnant woman after another and extract their fetuses and then place those fetuses in order from 1 month to 9 months, in some sort of suspended animation, spread them out and prepare to study them. They want to know us, but we will never be able to know them. I'm doomed. I'm nothing to them. We are nothing to them. Yet, this feeling that they need us more then we need them does not fade. As I await my moment of greatness for these presences (monsters), I cannot help but wonder which part of me they'll want to open up, cut up, and spread about to study. It's not possible to say if they have any remorse in their eyes as their eyes are not like our eyes. They look like nothing more but mere shadows that move around the eyesockets much like shadows of hands move around the wall while illuminated by candlelight. Their eyes say only one thing and one thing only to me. They say that I'm facing an end soon and it's going to be on their terms, not on mine. And there is nothing I can do to change that.

    Example 2:

    It's so difficult to understand. I'm naked but don't feel cold. I feel hungry but not starving. I feel thirsty yet my mouth is never dry. They don't feed us. Occasionally, this cage I'm in fills up with yellow fog and I have no other choice but to breathe it, and it's heavy and I fall on the floor as my vision becomes foggy. Occasionally, a hose with a needle gets out of the wall and stabs me. I didn't ask for this. I was on my way to deliver milk to our local priest in the morning at one moment, and at another, I woke up here.


    2. What are the aliens doing to the ancient us? (interlaced with the explanation of the 9's)

    (a-d excerpt from the 9's)
    a. pregnant females in stages of pregnancy 1 to 9 months
    b. males and females at deferring ages 20 to 80-year range
    c. kids from 1 to 9 year old (4 girls, 4 boys, ?1 hermaphrodite?)
    d. ***secret 9

    A. experimentation with the human brains (creation of quantum mind imprints):
    - understanding of how the human brain works
    - interfacing attempts with different areas of the brain to understand how different parts work together
    - completing the picture of cohesiveness of brain activity which creates an individual personally
    - synaptic pattern conversion to quantum synthetic material imprinting
    - recalling the quantum mind imprints and providing the stored mind with the ability to express itself through the alien auditory system

    B. experimentation on the fetuses

    C. experimentation on males

    D. experimentation on females

    E. experimentation on ***secret 9

    3. What are the aliens doing to the animals and plants?


    4. Creating the humanoid mutants of subnautica deep within

    Changing the nature of humans physically due to the constraints of being inside an interplanetary ocean (limited space, limited air, limited nutrition, does heavy water (D2O) fit the bill?)

    Aerosol-type feeding through lungs (human modification as well as animal/plant modifications to decompose nutrients into aerosol easier)
    Aerosolized nutrition=plankton like? >> what about nutrient absorption? Intrinsic factor built into the lungs?

    Eventually, the inefficacy of the digestive vs respiratory system has been eliminated by turning the lungs into the stomach and rerouting the stomach and acids to the mouth where it becomes a pre-stomach for the lungs where nutrition is absorbed and evaporated into lungs which take in the said nutrition. Gills are added starting at the top of the head going along the neck to the shoulders where oxygen goes directly into brain and lungs by using the existing sinus cavities. Digestive system, not being necessary anymore, has been shrunk and eliminated to provide more space for organs which need to be larger and pressure equalization mechanisms within the gm-human. Females on the other side have a slightly reduced size of organs but are able to carry up to 9 young at once, resulting in a litter of gm-humans further resulting in heightened DNA variance (in early versions of the mutants aliens were able to grow up-to 9 genetically different embryos within one female.) They reduced the size of offspring and the length of gestation has been reduced.

    > what about toxin elimination from the organs/body? how do human evolved mechanisms fit in and how are they modified to fit the marine environment of gm-humans
    > heavy water intake? are changes necessary? heavy water content over 50% makes plants die and fauna sterile and eventually also die
    > what about the ears? closed in? improved with sensory organs, echolocation?
    > color of skin varies on the biome they exist in > they camouflage > was not intended by aliens but developed after their failed attempt and life took its course
    > changes in the legs and hands (elongation > joining of animal genes with human genes?)

    The pre-stomach to nutri-aerosol digestive solution resulted in the generation of sulfate/co2 mix of gases being released through specialized holes on the head which used to be our nose
    >>effects on the environment of "deep within", caves filled with those specific gases as well as O2 produced by plants. Is it safe to walk in caves with air? Will we need a special mask for that or is the mutagen helping us with that<<

    Explanation of the 9's + secret 9



    Perpetual motion/energy technologies

    Perpetual Lightbulbs
    Solar cell equipped battery powering a group of micro LED's with glass fiber bent around feeding backlight into the solar cell which in turn charges the battery


    Slush-like biome where heavy water has been semi-frozen

    Some other manifestations:

    1. Does the environment of subnautica 3 affect the environment of 1 and 2? As the waters of "deep within" leak into surface oceans, could they have been responsible for the ability to create the enzyme 42?

    2. To get out of "deep within", we have to create an explosive strong enough to break through to the surface?

    3. Could "deep within" explain the compatibility of Al-An with Robin's cortex and subsequent download of his person to Robin's?
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    I have only quickly skimmed through the various ideas here, as I don't have enough time right now.
    But so far they all sound amazing to me.
    I had a strong craving for a subnautica that was more vertically designed (divind into deeper biomes), rather than mainly horizontally designed (diving across biomes on the same plane). This way, it is always a challenge of 'how will manage to go into the deeper area?'. With each increase in depth, the game becomes spookier and more challenging (with occasional relaxing, safe areas with tons of bio-luminescence). A game where there is more focus on crafting progressively better equipment to overcome the increasingly dangerous animals. This would be more of a horror game than the other subnauticas, but a damn good one.
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    Please don't say things like that on this thread @Milkshake, i mean the last part.

    What do you mean a horror game? There isn't anything horrifying about going into deep biomes?

    And @bangaroo_jack, all good ideas, and speaking of ideas, you have a lot of them.
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    "I'm naked"?
    What? Please no.

    How do you think you're able to get out of the lab?
    Can you give a more descriptive post about how you think the precursors look like?
    Do you have friends that support my idea, and your ideas? If so, do they have ideas too?
    Do you think there should be CPU people?
    What gender do you think you'd be?(Or gender customization?)
    What creatures/aliens should there be?
    What vehicles would you like to see in a game like this? The originals, or some new ones?

    \/ (These are pretty much all multiplayer questions) \/

    You think this could be multiplayer?(Because of the other people you said were there, it just crossed my mind)
    Would four people in multiplayer be good for you?
    If there's multiplayer in this game, is it LAN, local, public, or world wide?(ww)
    If four people is the limit for one server, do you think game chat options would be good?
    Do you think assigning roles for the group is ok?
    What animation should there be for others?
    Do you think if someone turns left, there feet should move, not just stay in position while turning?
    Do you think adding player customization that others can see is a good idea?

    Sorry, for all the questions, but i think if the devs read this, they should have a lot of information and detail to implement if they actually make a Subnautica: Deep Within.
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    My writing style is quite eclectic and frankly all over the place. I try to write stuff down as it manifests itself to me. If I had to explain better I would have to say that my brain is like an overfilled sponge that cannot hold any more water and it's starting to leak. Throw in some inspiration and those ideas come in a way of visual manifestations that I see play out right in front of my eyes. Mix that up with eidetic memory and you get yourself a huge stimulus for writing if you can catch all the imagery and write it all down. To be true to this kind of thread we would probably require some kind of a mind map or something like that eventually to be able to organize all the ideas properly. The post above requires a load of explaining for sure and more intricate detail I'm still hoping to get out of my head. I hope to get you closer to some of them with this post and hopefully I succeed to continue the dialog. I'll go ahead and answer your questions first and then expand on the previous post and some new ideas I had.

    @Milkshake thanks for the kudos! I'd say that the premise of subnautica embodies a certain dread that in itself is horrific. I believe that dread to be a great part of why I consider it a success. It doesn't come out and get you suddenly like Bioshock perhaps or some horror movie which relies heavily on surprise and shrill sounds to scare you into forgetting your controls. Subnautica's dread builds up slowly and relies on drawing on your humanity to pull you in and make you a small part of a big world and it succeeds greatly. I can't tell you that I'm some huge horror fan (although I have greatly enjoyed the Bioshock franchise) but I simply foresee that if we are to delve deeper into the new discoveries of subnautica, things will turn ugly and outright shocking. With or without vivid imagery of the storytelling, the immensity of the dread will keep us playing because we want to explore that dread within us. I mean it's a video game for Christ's sake but we can only convince ourselves for so long until every move we make starts to affect our decision-making and temporal participation in the game starts to affect us in a more realistic sense. With that said, I do believe that things could evolve further to the point where the complexity of the nature that surrounds us creeps the crap out of us as we play it. Let's just say for example, you could come across a creature or a predator that is initially curious about you for the purposes of eating or simply understanding your existence in its world that it decides to follow you, and seriously only follow you for a longer period of time then say a territorial predator like the bone shark or stalker would. Any time you turn around, you can see that same creature you saw 2 or 3 minutes ago and you think to yourself wtf, are you going to eat me or not, are you going to attack me or leave me alone only for you to realize that you might get the answer minutes or even hours later then you anticipated. You've entered the world of these things and they don't really know if you're edible. Maybe they need a nibble or two to decide first. Or think of the extreme of being completely swallowed but you're given a certain amount of time to get yourself out of the situation by causing the predator as much internal damage as possible and it spits you out and that one might decide never to bother you again.

    @AC_AwesomeCraft thanks for the kudos as well as the curiosity! Here are the answers:

    "I'm naked but don't feel cold" - I surely didn't go into too much detail if you understood that our player would be in this position. Perhaps if we are talking about a prequel then sure but the examples I mentioned in the previous post are basically thoughts of those individuals from the 1300's which faced annihilation and we get to hear their thoughts or snippets of them by downloading them and in such a way familiarize ourselves with the devastating nature of the precursors and what they did to our ancestors, or put simply what our ancestors experienced. To elaborate further on this specific example, I tried to put myself in the shoes of the precursor scientists who have captured primitive sentient live specimens for the purposes of experimentation. If I was one of them I would definitely desire to look at my specimens through those glass doors and observe them without having the clothing blocking any details that might block my mind/imagination on how I would take that specimen apart or perhaps hide a disease (or consequences of experimentation) that might show on the skin but be hidden by clothing. Perhaps, down the road, the aliens realize that their specimens prefer to cover their genital area and provide some kind of garment for them to cover up but overall as an alien, I'm able to maintain my specimen alive without the need for clothing and therefore I don't need the specimen to be dressed. The way the aliens see it, the specimens are all destined for slaughter anyway. This is very dreadful but it is the reality all the parties present face. Alien dread from kharaa and human dread from seeing the experiments being performed on others as they await their turn. After all, even if these human specimens were to awake in their cages and have something covering only their genital area, they would still refer to themselves as naked as they are not wearing anything else, therefore when the player hears the snippet of the human thought the word "naked" could be left to the interpretation of the player who is playing the game.

    How do you think you're able to get out of the lab?
    Again, this question sounds like something that would come up in the prequel of the game which supposes that one of the captors escaped from the lab or simply lived through the experimentation and began to live a life as a muted human. When we enter "deep within" we are finding things as artifacts, remnants of events that took place in the past and dealing with the consequences that the past imposed on us. With that said, this makes me think about how "deep within" could end and how we get ourselves out of there. You see, at some point or another, but after the aliens have changed the humans into "aquatic" human mutants compatible for farming in "deep within" they had to start introducing their own genome into the humans in order to find the cure for kharaa bacterium and some of those aquatic human mutants carry physiological features of the precursors. Hence we slowly get introduced to what some alien physical components might have looked like without realizing it while we play "deep within." And then, at the end of "deep within," the explosion we create uncovers an alien pod which upon us opening it reveals a mummified (cryogenically frozen or in suspended animation) precursor. *note, suspended animation opens the venue of potentially being able to reanimate the precursor for us to cure it of kharaa using enzyme 42.

    Can you give a more descriptive post about how you think the precursors look like?
    This question bothers the living "f***" out of me due to several paradoxical scientific facts in regards to such an advanced alien race living or being our contemporaries in what we understand as the 1300s and the fact that we know so little about them. Here are some questions that bother me specific to this fact and potential answers:
    a. Can they travel through time? I mean they are a spacefaring, advanced alien species bending the laws to travel through time could be a joke to them unless of course they better understood the laws and time is one of those things that cannot be cheated. If yes, they could have come to 1300's earth because that's when the bubonic plague killed around 200 million people and stayed in that time to work on the cure. But how did they know that's when bubonic plague existed and killed so many? They would have to be the future us then, but evolved. If yes, then why not go back in time before kharaa was unleashed and stop that from happening? So I'm betting they didn't have the ability to travel through time.
    b. Could they be from another dimension? This could answer whether or not they're humanoid or some other manifestation of intelligent life.
    c. Since they were telepathic, their brains would have to be larger and skulls potentially thinner? The alien sanctuaries all had openings to their surroundings which means they traveled outside of the structures, therefore, how sensitive were they to the water pressure? We have not seen any transportation vehicles yet and only means of transport so far are the arches but they would have been used only in certain circumstances. They still had to get into the water. Was water a natural element to them and if yes why is there an atmosphere in their structures?
    d. They got infected by a bacterium much like we did in subnautica and are we then free to assume that the bacteria did the same thing to them as it started doing to us? They will have had a circulatory system as well as an immune system which couldn't deal with the bacterium.

    While writing the previous post, I had this image of one of them while looking out of the eyes of the caged human and saw its eyes as it looked at me. They were large and almond shaped and completely black and shiny with the pupil being surrounded by a diffused glowing iris which moves around as it observes me (imagine looking at yourself in the mirror while wearing large almond-shaped glasses but since your iris is glowing you can see them through the glasses. This image of their eyes captivated me because I felt that the rest of their appearance is as foreign to me as they were to those human captives. All I wanted to do is stare, not look, at their eyes. Trying to build up from there, I try to imagine them working on their tables and they appear to be wearing some kind of slick supportive suit which doubles up as an exoskeleton. Some of them appear to be floating on a pillow of light and wear a long black coat (speckled with glowing glitter) extending from their shoulders to along the pillow of light as it floats. Their arms and legs are elongated but they rely on tools which are able to densify the air around the subject they are handling to manipulate where it goes. I get the feeling like their circulatory system is filled with blood which glows and that sets out a certain character about each one of them. If I had to guess, in the backdrop of their captivating eyes, their skin is metallic and polished and some of them are silverish and some of them are gray to charcoal. I like the idea of them having some kind of firm looking fibrous strands instead of hair with a narrow gelatinous glowing growth or sack on top of their heads which extends from those fibrous strands to the top of their backs where they taper and disappear into the suit and the growths change in color from one individual to another. They don't appear to be hierarchical as they perform their duties but almost like a part of one whole, almost like a hive mind, which makes them very efficient.

    We have been introduced to the spaces they once roamed and we know that they are larger then us. If there are two human cages stacked on top of one another, their heads reach up to the top of the second cage so I approximate that they are on average 4 meters or 12 feet in height.

    Do you have friends that support my idea, and your ideas? If so, do they have ideas too?
    No, you're the only one :smile: I'm an idea factory. I got inspired and the only person I'm thinking about talking to about this is my wife to help her understand why the heck I'm stuck on the computer and writing for hours :smile:

    Do you think there should be CPU people?
    Please clarify. I could assume you mean AI characters other they the character we represent in the game but I'd rather you clarify first.

    What gender do you think you'd be? (Or gender customization?)
    There are a couple of character profiles I have considered for "deep within" but I haven't really considered gender impact on the storyline of "deep within" for the time being. Both of the characters I thought of so far are male. But with a significant difference of who they were before they entered and who they became after the story finished (ever watch Spirited Away?)

    I'll have to answer the rest in the next post or I'll attach to this one, I have to go to the airport now :smile:

  • AC_AwesomeCraftAC_AwesomeCraft USA Join Date: 2018-12-12 Member: 245501Members
    Yes, i guess i mean something like Ai's, but not Ai's exactly.
    Something that helps you for a time, but then gets eaten or something else horrific.
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