First Impressions + A Suggestion

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Loving Below Zero so far! I was a little lost at first (I later noticed that apparently the initial audio between Robin and Sam hadn't played for me, so I didn't understand where I was supposed to go until I stumbled across the path), but once I got into the open world proper it all sorted out.

As with early Subnautica I'm always disappointed when I see a cool plant and can't scan it, lol, but that's obviously in the pipeline. The new creatures I've encountered so far are cool and feel very alive*. Except the titan holefish, but I gather from their description that they are intentionally not all there in the head. :P I did find it a little weird that there is no dialog when you find the emergency supplies, and the supply drop itself felt very barren with just a blueprint. Maybe a container with a little food and water in it?

Right now I am trying to figure out how to get through the twisty bridges without drowning; it's a maze and a half and doing it without the safety of a Seamoth (or the ability to build habitats) is tense.

Which brings me to my suggestion, which would ironically make my current predicament even worse. Ever since the original Subnautica I've always wished there was a "free look" option where you could change the controls to allow full six-point rotation while underwater. Basically making it so that if you keep moving the mouse up you will keep looking up until you complete a vertical 360 and vice versa; swim up and swim down would move you relative to your current facing.

I feel like this would add to the immersion of swimming a lot, and bring in the very real life danger of getting disoriented underwater, especially in caves and the like.

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