Broken map vote?

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Just came back after a few months break and I've noticed map vote is now broken. It no longer chooses one of the two winning maps in the event of a tie.

Say there's 6 maps to pick from during a map vote...

Biodome and Refinery tie with 6 votes each, Caged gets 4 votes.... The result of that tie = Map changes to Summit.

What gives? Summit isn't even an option for people to vote for so how does it win?

Is this a known issue? Are there plans to fix it?


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    NS2 doesn't have a map vote function. Vanilla NS2 only cycles through all the maps defined on the server. You're probably talking about the Shine mod, which has a map vote, and you should submit a bug report here:
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    Sounds to me like an admin did something along the lines of "I don't want to play any of those maps.......I'm changing it to Summit". If that doesn't sound like what happened, then the above link can be used to report the bug to Shine
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