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So I was wondering if any one else was experiencing save troubles because I have since early 2017 I finally thought in 2017 when a save fix patch came my troubles were over however if your reading this it went quite the contrary. So that’s why I’m here I have made comments about this over and over so here is a page we’re you can do the same


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    Yes, my kids can't save their games. They get an error message saying "Save Data Saving Failed (Currently Loading)".

    We've had the game for about a week now (Xbox One) and they've never been able to save a game. They see this error EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. they attempt to save a game.
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    Uninstalling and reinstalling on my Xbox One appears to have solved this issue for now.
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    Here were the error messages before reinstalling:



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    Im on an original xbox one, and saving/ loading takes absolutely forever, (although i kinda get that b/c im on outdated hardware). The kicker is, though: the game DOESNT ACTUALLY SAVE ONCE THE SAVE ICON GOES AWAY...sometimes. There's no rhyme or reason to it, it just sometimes doesnt work.
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    I had a similar problem with not saving properly, the saving icon would NEVER go away(I left it there for over an hour).
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    I have noticed on my XB that the longer I play between saves, the longer a save takes to save. I left it for 7 hours today and saving took ages. Since then I save every half hour and each save is quicker to save.
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    While I agree it does take longer for the save process to complete the longer I’ve played the game (which correlates with how much I’ve done as well as the amount of territory I’ve covered) I try to remember not only to save frequently but also to remain stationary (as much as is prudent, such as saving in a base location, seamoth, etc) until the process completes. Maybe it’s just my imagination but the saving process seems to complete faster that way. Overall my save times haven’t been too bad (load times can be another matter) but then again I’m nowhere near completing the game, and while I try to avoid spoilers I’m aware there are quite a few areas I have yet to explore. Much to do! B)

    I have encountered at least once the bug where, upon saving, the game got stuck and just wouldn’t complete the save process. I waited and waited, and eventually had to force quit the game and go to the Xbox dashboard. Luckily I tend to save quite frequently anyway (unless I happen to get distracted) because I’m used to playing another Game Preview title Astroneer which recently launched into 1.0 & beyond as well. Astroneer constantly crashed in Alpha so you could say I’ve been conditioned into saving frequently :D
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    I’ve had corrupt saves twice now. One after 5 days of gameplay. I was less than happy.

    Started again, got to almost the same place with base building and upgrading vehicles. 19 hours of gameplay. And the same thing happened again.

    “Unable to load, delete local saves and reload from the cloud”

    Did that, cloud save doesn’t load.

    Very annoyed. Loving the game, but wary about putting another day into the game and having it die again.
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