Base Building for OCD Types

AltaziAltazi Join Date: 2019-01-16 Member: 248807Members
I like building seabases. The exterior sections snap together quite nicely, with no misalignment issues (that I have seen, anyway). However, I'd like to make a suggestion when it comes to placing outside grow boxes, interior wall lockers & equipment, etc. Please make things 'snap to grid'. I have nearly drowned as I floated, bobbing near the surface, attempting to align a grow box on a foundation platform. Adding additional grow boxes was even worse - I'd like to maintain constant spacing and alignment. Inside, I repeatedly placed lockers on the wall, and had a miserable time of aligning them. One cannot tolerate unevenly-spaced or misaligned lockers and equipment on the walls. You could make the feature switchable, so those who like chaos can place items freeform.


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