Do creatures in alien containment die without power?

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I simply can not find the answer to this question anywhere. Example: if a sea base is run on nuclear reactor or bioreactor, and it runs out of power while i'm away, do all my critters in Alien Containment die? What happens?

Thank you! :)


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    This is on the Steam Community Forums =

    "can the fish in the alien containment survive without power?
    i want to see it at night" - is the question.

    Answers =

    "I know they won't immediately die when the base loses power but idk how long they can last. Maybe indefiniitely, maybe only a few minutes. I was using purely thermal power at my primary base, feeding all the thermal plants into a power relay then chaining relays over to my base. Anyhow, I needed to reposition my thermal plants so that I could add more thermal plants to the platform I built on. My base had no power at all for maybe 5 minutes while I tore down my existing thermal plants and repositioned them and when I got back to my base all was well. I still had a tank full of Reginalds all alive and well."

    "not that you mention it, i think they can die , if left unattended :(((((((((((((:"

    "A related point: Ampeels will attempt to kill creatures you've got in containment, until you scare them away. They can actually zap and kill them if you let them try long enough, too.
    I know this because I built close to the northern koosh zone, in the border area at grassy plateau/mushroom forest. Ampeel decided it was dinner time and started zapping my pets through the base. Killed 1 of them, but the rest had enough health to survive many, many hits. (Cuddlefish and Boneshark)
    For some reason my Seamoth's electric defense was able to scare it away, after first blasting it with the big mushrooms off the trees via propulsion cannon.
    So... yeah. Don't let Ampeels near if you've got an aquarium going!"

    Hopefully this gives you some insight to your question.
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    Yes i had found this post and read it along with many others like it. But it doesn't really answer the question because the people responding don't seem to actually know. I suspect i have to test it myself because no one else so far seems to have any experience with extended power outages and alien containment.
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    Have you ever returned to an unpowered base and not found live creatures in alien containment?

    No? Don`t worry about it.
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    I have never had alien containment tanks with creatures in them in an unpowered base, so i wouldn't know. If i had, i would not be asking the question, i would be answering it.
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