Game Breaking Glitch, Please Help!

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I started playing Subnautica a few months now and i really enjoy the game (Despite the few bugs and glitches.) I started a new survival game of subnautica and i got far into the game and i had a bout a small or medium sizes base with a few bulkhead doors and stuff like that to make my base stronger. One day i loaded up the save and i went to exit my base and it didn't show the animation to open the base door! I still went through, but no animation. then i went back inside the base and went to open one of the bulkhead doors and the door opened without the animation of opening it! And it seems the radio calls stop coming in after that glitch happens (I'm not sure if its part of the game or a part of the glitch) I since then made another save and once i got farther into the game, the glitch happened again! I deleted and reinstalled the game, made multiple saves, and nothing will fix it! I don't know what triggers this glitch to happen or if i can fix it. its game breaking and i have to end up deleting the saves after the glitch happens. Please if anyone knows how to fix this PLEASE tell me!


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    Which part is game breaking? The animations not triggering but still letting you go through doors? Because the radio stops for extended periods of time until you further the story.
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    maybe you could deconstruct the bulkhead door and using another form of reinforcement? If that doesn't work then I would just use the Subnautica wiki page on the radio to listen to the radio transmissions. it may ruin the experience, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
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