With the lights off

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I am thinking about a new class leviathan is black or transparent, only part of it glows, in the dark deep ocean, the glow looks like some yummy little creatures or useful resource for player to grab. A predator like stargazer fish or a frogfish, they lure their bait with glowing appendix, that looks just like the mushroom you wanna pick.
if you turn the light off, and you will pretty much get lured by that kind of glowing.
but why do you turn off the light, in the big dark deep dangerous ocean? because you have to. there are reasons you have to turn off the light.
one of which is the light also gather tiny little shrimp/krill/amphipoda like creatures around the player, and that also attract other predator to the player. And those little amphipoda like creature also block player's view especially with the light on. In the disturbed water, the flood light scattered/reflected by little particles/creatures, you couldn't see things further away.

There has to be differences between the deadly trap glowing and the yummy resource, but it has to be subtle, only experienced and careful players could tell.
what do you think?


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    That sounds like a great idea. Different from the current leviathans and kinda like the cool mesmer. What (obviously apart from the 'glow') would it look like?
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    "What (obviously apart from the 'glow') would it look like?"

    It should look like a frogfish or some kind of eel, like the dragon eel, or whatever that's called.
    (Sorry, don't know how to quote someone... Can you tell me?"
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