Trains (stations and monorail)

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After playing for a while, I started to build secondary bases at strategic locations, with specific resources, available heat for power, etc. This is fine and fun, but at some point it got annoying to move resources around. Inventory limitations combined with large distances, and the fact that I often got stuck because I missed a single item, was a bit frustrating.

So I thought, it would be great to have the possibility to build a train system. My idea would be to use something similar to the power lines, but that would build a monorail instead. You connect it to a train station on both sides, and an automated vehicle could then move from one station to the other. It could transport the player and resources at a relatively high speed (shortening travel time for repetitive trips). The cabin could be articulated to allow it to stay horizontal when climbing vertical slopes (attached on hinges at both extremities, it could rotate around one hinge or the other depending on the slope direction).

Additionally, an interface in one station could allow to order the train to bring back items that are stored in the other station, without going there (i.e. it would automatically transport the items). Same thing when you happen to be on the side where the train is not, you could call it back (just like you call an elevator by pressing the button).

In addition to the logistic relief, building trains is fun ;) All sorts of things could be added (rail switches, to connect more than two stations, etc.) Though I understand this wouldn't be a small feature.


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    A train? Good idea, but what about a teleporter, it would give you an idea of what your base looks like, and you can zoom in on a curtain spot, lock on to the item or object or player, and select a spot to teleport the chosen entity.
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    I'm not too fan of the teleporter idea. Seems too "easy", not fun enough, less immersive than actual travel from base to base. Especially if the player can teleport itself. But I guess it's a matter of taste. Sure enough, it would also solve the issue of doing too many repetitive round trips :)
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    This would also require the Terraformer to be brought back ;) Although maybe you would build the train above water
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    I love the idea of an underwater train. The train could have special carts to haul different orrs as well as other material. It would make a lot of sense to make it above water, because there would be less resistance. BUT this is a video game and I'd like the option of building it underwater. That way we can make scenic tracks and post scenic tours on Youtube. I love this idea![/s]
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    I think a train system would be awesome
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    They could make the train like a golf cart the travels through the long tunnel sections of the base. and connects to a building like the moon pool in order to get on and off.
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