New game in the same concept

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Zobnatica 2

Start 1 option: The main character will alert system (with simultaneous chirping of the ship). Message-the spacecraft has passed an unregistered field of large fields of dense rock. It is necessary to examine the area of the ship subjected to a collision, to convince of the absence of damage.

The hero enters the zone of contact of steroids. For the implementation of inspection and maintenance, the hero comes to the rescue of one of the modules. At this point, the ship again enters the asteroid zone and at this point the security system fails. After that, the capsule is urgently undocked and flies to the nearest place suitable for life. (this is best done the old way, so that it is done automatically as a movie scene)

The computer's voice escape pods (or PDA): the planet is a gas giant. There are several satellites with possible suitable conditions. Search for a suitable satellite for existence. Found the best option. Landing a good. Communication with the confined orbit of the planet, the cause of action is not known field.

Option 2 start the game: a Reconnaissance team of investigators, lands on the planet according to the program of practice space. Landing is not all the devices or by accident, the crew killed, after landing, it turns out that the link generated is limited by the barrier.

STARTING CONDITIONS: Here I propose to give a selection or create it randomly. The options of the planets. Also the whole ocean. The second option, the ice desert with the sea under the ice (atmosphere carbon dioxide). In other words there still need to will digging up (the atmosphere birth Oxygen with nitrogen). The third variant, a desert with occasional accumulations of water ice in the deep freeze + changes in temperature (atmosphere depleted of Oxygen with nitrogen). Here it is clear that in each version there are problems and advantages. In the third case, there will be a lot of resources but problems with water and food. And as well, will be slow suffocation in case of lack of support oxygen units. In the second embodiment, all the fun but cold. And so it will be necessary to begin with, somehow drilled into the ocean to obtain the necessary resources. Well, in the first embodiment, all right, the oxygen current is the current where it is generated. And about there is no sacristy in the ocean or so the hero is.

Co-op: Making a game open to players is complete nonsense. The best option is a cooperative. And different complexity gives different possibilities of the game.

Creativity: well, here is pure pampering on this you can go out to build resources do not end, but there is a separate area that is not related to the maps where the adventure will take place and follow. It would be even better to make a virtual reality camera where everything happens.

Easy passage: you can go out, the death of the player can return to the cooperative after a while. Saving is possible.

Survival: There is hunger and thirst. At the same time, the saves remain. Co-op players are limited. In other words with whom began with those and you play.

Very hard: there is hunger and thirst. No more injuries. You can start the game current with the main player. But at the same time, you can transfer leadership, as well as go later. But, if a man die, play to the end without him. A team of players, as in the case of Survival is generated at the start.

As clear spaces to study more. But I'll even try to surprise you.

Possible space for study:
The depths of the ocean-who would have thought? ; )
Terrestrial space – rally very rugged territory, or atmospheric flight vehicles.
Drilling through the years, rocks, earth — a special technique with a particularly strong body but with limited movement and a wild waste of energy.
Void travel between planet platforms and satellites – Again, it is possible to simply make the opportunity to improve the atmospheric flying machine, in the void orbital.
The passage inside the layers of the gas giant – I think it will be a very interesting mode of travel. There's room for imagination. Both new sensations and new dangers must be provided. For example, how fun would it be to melt in gas layers when a storm starts? And your ship will carry at a speed of 10 km per second, and you'll be glad that still not faced with dense matter which there is also the idea should be enough.
Travel in the fourth space-in the story you can get the technology with which you can penetrate into the higher space and there, too, to explore the space and perform some tasks.

The main plot: When the Player gets to the planet it turns out that the planet and the environment of satellites is isolated from the outside world. Immediately it turns out that the radio current works in the aisles of a certain space, and later it turns out that the attempt to leave the planet, stops power traps that just catch and pull the machine back to the quarantine zone. Yes, there will also be a quarantine, there will also be aliens who have protected the planet, but this time the aliens will be smarter and kinder if I may say so. But by passing a few alien characters purely for assignments will be more and the locals who are the abbots of infection. But this disease is special. It is a negative mental condition which is transmitted by a mental parasite. Through 4 space. To get infected, you have to do some negative things. Kill fish or animals of interest. Start the fight with the weak first. Save resources and do not use them in large quantities. Destroy the structure of the ruins, etc.By the way it would be good to give the opportunity to do all this, and better and push to do such things. This will be 2 story. The first is correct, and the second is sad for the player. The player will initially have below neutral "karma" which will not be shown. In addition, it can become infected with mental infection, it will further worsen the situation.

1 plot, the player tries to show his good side, which gives him the opportunity to pass by a certain security system that does not miss people with negative or small "karma". In this case, it helps the aliens to save from the mental parasites of local intelligence, to study the causes of the infection, as well as the complete elimination of this parasite. Then it will be possible to fly away from the planet that will mean the end of the game with offset passing.

2 the plot. The player tries to kill everyone, destroy everything and generally feel like the king of the universe full chest. In this case, the aliens from the beginning just start trying to stop the player. After they will try to destroy him personally by sending a special semi organic semi mechanical hunters. As a result, when the player tries to destroy the security traps that do not allow to leave the planet, the alien cruiser arrives and gives a volley to the player's area. The player dies and in principle the game also ends.

PS: the Behavior of NPCs in the game are quite good but! On my view need to all??? to expand behavior. Let's say you are very often attacked by a predator. And constantly gets on the nozzle. At some point, these predators should attack less, and after some time and completely stop falling. In this case. If the player continues to attack them then, gradually, these predators will begin to unbend to the sides, more and more often at the sight of the player. On the other hand, if the creatures cease to attack the player, and the player does not respond to them, or even sometimes helps to fend off opponents, then this type begins to treat calmly and at some point to take for his and even come to the rescue.

Also, as is clear above, there will be a "semi intelligent" NPCs that will represent the civilization of those who will live in the ruined cities, and due to the mental infection of the parasite will attack almost all around. To negotiate with them in the beginning will not be possible at all. But there will also be related to them small nomads traveling from satellite to satellite, with the help of space whales that will live in the gas giant and sometimes swim out into the void around the planet. They will be treated with suspicion in the beginning but then it will be possible to prove that you are normal(well, if you select a role), can you tell me about Preslica, or even about how when there was the plague which brought som relatives. But if you choose a bad role, you can just kill them and gain a lot of resources.

The Parasites themselves will sometimes attack the player, and at an unexpected moment. And given that they will not be visible to the contact in 4 dimensional space, it will hinder for some time, I do not discourage.

Killing in game and weapons: the game should be able to kill the interfering predator or NPCs. And there should be a set of different weapons. But first, it must be either expensive or difficult. And secondly, if it is done for the sake of entertainment, it should have the consequences described above.

Types of NPS:
By passing the set of biological beings, I propose to add a flint organisms (they are, among other things on the planet were even some vegetable examples left), the Energy organisms. As well as elementals and mental creatures.

While all that comes to mind. I will complement if the head will come ideas.

The text was translated by transliteration. So if you have any difficulties, ask.
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