How to (easily) update your drivers

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If you want a 3rd party driver update solution that's free and actually works, check this list by LifeWire, and look under the columns "what we like / don't like"... looks like the go-to would be DriverHub, so we'll go into that below.

I use Snappy Driver Installer from that list, but it's a bit harder to use, and downloads like every driver, ever, in several huge packs totaling about 8GB, to then install the ones you need.

I'd go with DriverHub (see next paragraph for why) and just watch during initial installation for the "I Agree" checkmark that's on any section labeled "Install Additional Software" (there's like 2, and they're for free anti-virus but you don't need that) and DE-SELECT "I agree" at the bottom and hit next (unless you want McAffee nagging you to buy their stuff, or would like to try Avast! Free Anti-Virus). See picture below.

Why go with DriverHub?

1) Simplest user interface I've seen in a program like this (see Screenshots section below)
2) Minimally intrusive ads (just a banner below the operation section)
3) The bundled click-bait for the unaware wasn't sketchy (anti-virus software, a nuisance for sure, but not harmful or hard to get rid of if accidentally installed)
4) Automatically creates Restore Point before driver install
5) You can switch to "Advanced" mode and see the recommended driver version, alternative driver version for optional selection, and your currently installed version, and their providers and date of release (see Screenshots section).
6) There's a handy section called "Useful programs" on the left-side navbar with shortcuts to Windows functions that not all users are aware of. List:
Recovery options, Add/Remove Programs, System Information, Display Settings, Power Profile Settings, Network Connection Settings, Computer Management overview, Control Panel, Disk Management, Task Manager, and Command Prompt


DriverHub Main:
DriverHub History:
Driver Restore (if a new driver causes issues):
Simple Mode:
Advanced Mode:


Above-mentioned LifeWire list of free driver software and pros / cons
DriverHub homepage
Snappy Driver Installer (a bit harder to use and downloads like 8GB of drivers, useful for portable updating of drivers from USB on any computer, not so much for personal updates of one or two computers) | LifeWire review
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