Jellyshroom caves entrance in the safe shallows?

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So I was looking at the subnautica interactive map and it was showing a jellyshroom cave entrance that's in the safe shallows. I've been searching for it, since it would probably be a faster entrance if i knew where it was, but i can not find it for the life of me. i tried just going into the cave and trying to find it inside out, but that hasnt worked either. Does this entrance even exist or is it just an error on the site?

(site im using:


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    If you go to lifepod 17, just behind it there is a cave network that starts in the seafloor. You can see this network easily if you swim 20 - 30 meters above the pod.. Anyways, if you follow this network down i to the jelly shroom cave keep looking down and away from the cave wall and you will see a foundation sea base piece with a couple crates and a floodlight. On one of the crates you can find a pda which will mark the degassi base in the jellyshrrom cave.. now if you travel back up to the shallows and follow that marker until it is under you, you will find another entrence to the caves which happen to be right above the base via the shallows..

    Thats the easiest way i can explain it, and honestly what i still use as both waypoint markers to find my way in and out quickly :)

    Lol and also how i get the multipurpose room eithin the 1st hour of gameplay..

    I sincerely hope this helps you and its easy enough to follow.. good luck! And merry xmas
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    You can get the signal 4 the Degasi Base (250m) from a PDA in a tunnel near the Degasi Surface Base on the Floating Island about 1.2km SSE from the Safe Shallows(SS). Look 4 a big cloud to the South when standing on LP5. Or, There is a hot vent in the SE corner of the SS. About 300m further u should find a 'Red Grass' area. Ur pda should announce that a cave entrance is near. Look 4 glowing fans? near the wall. Decend, the base is directly below u.
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