Minigun Exo crashes game every time

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Ever since this update the game will crash whenever I go Minigun Exo. Railgun Exo is absolutely fine, but every single time I go Minigun Exo I crash after a minute or two. Logs are attached, but don't show a clue. Maybe the dump has something in it.


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    Does this happen when you fire the guns? If yes, there was a similar bug but it happened when you fire a shotgun. Some particles of the buck-shots caused a segfault (it was Linux-only) and eventually they were replaced with other particles and also the NVIDIA driver was patched on their side to prevent such crashes. It could also be something on your side as I played on this videodriver version just fine but recently downgraded to 410.78 because that beta doesn't work well with Display Port (Xorg freezes on init sometimes and shows some artifacts instead but if it inits well it works). So as a first measure try to downgrade it to the stable branch. And don't forget to clear your shader cache — rm -rf ~/.config/Natural\ Selection\ 2/cache/

    The game can also drop something useful to dmesg so check it out the next time. It's usually just one line but it shows a module the crash happened in. Another great way to find some information is to attach to the running NS2 process with GDB: gdb attach `pidof ns2_linux`, then 'cont' to continue the running process and when it crashes type 'bt' in the console where gdb is running, it should dump the stacktrace where the crash happened. It can tremendously narrow the possible cases of the crash because NS2 is supplied with the debug information.
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