[Bug] Multiple Issues: Resources Not Spawning, Clipping, Frame Rate

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Subnautica Version - 10028

Description - (1)Resources are scarce or not loading in some areas. (2)Experiencing clipping inside the Aurora. (3)Frame rate drops a lot inside Aurora. Performance and frame rate overall has improved from pre-release.

Reproduction steps - (1)Started my first new game. Immediately noticed little to no fauna swimming around safe shallows. Also could not find any resources, no limestone, quartz, etc. Deleted game and started a new game. This time plenty of fauna and resources around safe shallows. Played for about an hour and started to notice less and less resources and fauna spawning in shallows.

(3)Traveled to Aurora and immediately noticed frame rate drop as I entered. (2)Also tried to open a door with code and clipped through the floor and had to reload a saved game. Not sure how the clipping occurred, just seemed random. Reloaded and was able to move through Aurora and repair reactor without further clipping.

Pictures or Video - no video or pics


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    The resource issue has already been reported multiple times. Obraxis and Twitter confirms it's being fixed.
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    Thanks for reporting this, the fauna and resource bug has a solid fix already tested and we are working on getting it to everyone ASAP.
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