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During the last map test someone asked me about the lighting for the mountains in fusion. I figure it's easier to make a post on the forums instead of spamming discord.

Firstly, thanks to @pSyk0mAn for the lighting tips.

Ambient lights
Each mountain has its own massive ambient light

There are also a whole bunch of smaller ambient lights filling in the dark spots near the windows

All of the major peaks have a spotlight near them, to emphasise their silhouette

There also narrow spotlights pointing at the windows to light up the inside of the building and soft point lights in the room to emulate back scatter

The valley is lit by 2 large spotlights

The lower of the two is redder, to help it blend with the mountains & skybox

All of the "ambient" spotlights are with an almost identical 2nd spotlight that has a negative atmospheric density and a shorter range. This cancels out any atmospherics near the spotlights. Because there's no atmospherics near the spotlight itself, it's harder to tell that the light is coming from a single point

I've begun to do similar things to the lighting for the reactors and lava.
-/AUS/- PS_Mouse
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