Wondering why Cyclops is a registered trademark?

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So, after completing the game a little while ago, I noticed that, near the end of the credits, it states that "Cyclops is a registered trademark". Wondering why, I did a little bit of research and figured out that OceanGate, the company with the trademark, are real-life submersible developers, and it just so happens that they have a submarine called the Cyclops. Fun fact: they both have the same "crush depth", 500 meters. My guess is that Unknown Worlds designed the Cyclops with the real-life equivalent in mind. Either they were nice and just wanted to give a heads up to the company, or OceanGate got angry that their submarine was in a game without being told. You can compare with this photo of the real-life submarine, and this early concept for the Cyclops we all know and love.
(Note: Explanation from dev below)
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