A few things I just realized

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I was reading some of the PDA entries and I realized some stuff. I'll list it below. Make sure to comment things you've noticed not much other people have.

1. The PDA entrie for the grub basket sais it's a carnivore and feeds off insects and grubs, meaning sky rays and cave crawlers are not the only land species on the planet.
2. Blood Roots are connected to Blood Vines.
3. The Fern Palm was artificitially created by theDegasi, most likely Bart Torgal, and is the rarest plant in the game.
4. Chinese potatoes and marbelmelons are not indigenous to 4546B.
5. It sais at the beggining yo ucan't get weapons in life pod fabricators because of the masacure on Obraxis Prime, Obraxis is a developer, and it sais you can't get weapons in life pods but apart from the knifes there are no weapons in the game.
6. The Jaffa Cup is pretty much a mushroom.
7. Old concept art for indoor growbeds and planters shows them planting bushes in the pots in a part of it.
8. Membrain Trees AND Tree Mushrooms both make Purple Pinecones, any lore stuff here?
9. Ming Plants self repair themselfs, and it sais something has been feeding on it but Sky Rays eat seeds and Cave Crawlers eat meat.
10. Regress Shells are more of a jelly like plant and not a mollusk like I once thought.
11. Sea Crowns are neer extinction.
12. Cuddle Fish are nearly on the edge of extinction, with only eggs remaining, that or they're brought by the Precursors from somewhere else.
13. Earth Dolphins are extinct.
14. Anchor Pods are plants.
15. Brine Lilly are Lilly Pads underwater.
16. Drooping Stingers are plants, Amoebids are animals?
17. Drooping Stingers are predators.
18. You can spawn in the Mowhawk, but it's not even in the game.
19. Tree Mushroom trunks are made of terrain?
20. The cave in the huge Tree Mushroom was made by creatures eating it.
21. The Underwater Floating Islands were once at the surface like Floater Island.


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