King Tides

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OK this is a lame suggestion, since it fits with neither the first game nor its current expansion (you don't need to tell me that, cheers). But maybe one or two expansions down the track?

Just bought David Attenborough's Blue Planet II. In one episode they get right down into flooding/draining rock pools with their super macro-lenses, then speed it all up to 1 sec/min. Lots of colourful action with predatory drama jammed into a small area for a brief time.

So I was imagining what a great Subnautica biome this would make. Scaled up of course, with towering cliffs and crabs were the size of volkswagons. Giant slimy scavangers might swarm over what ever machinery you'd constructed and might need to be fought off to keep it operating. And any stranded seamoth would certainly seem worth the interest of a hungry giant starfish to try and pop open.

The Dev's could easily time King Tides as they like, considering all 4546B's moons: Daily or very rarely, depending on lunar alignments. Not sure why you'd want the trauma of building there. Maybe to harvest a massive surge of tidal hydropower needed to powerup some ancient artifact?


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    Love the idea.
    Huge tides in shallow/confined places should make for some very intense currents though.
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    Thanks dude. While the interior of a rock pool is very calm, certainly just up above it, the plateau draining into a retreating tide would feature intense currents when scaled up.

    I guess this, and waves too, would make any giant inter-tidal biome very tricky to develop. Actually the absence of currents and waves in underwater games makes me think we're still in the early days of this genre.

    But there's probably some good hydrological code evolving. Apparently early Subnautica featured some water currents. And maybe by now there's some decent surfing sims with the water currents needed for convincing undertows.
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