Final Public Playtest of 324 tomorrow!

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Hey all,

Our final Public Playtest session scheduled for patch 324 will be:

Tomorrow, Saturday September 1st 1200 PDT / 2100 CEST

All are welcome to join and test the build with us by playing a few rounds.
This patch and the purpose of this public playtest is to garner some feedback from the community in regards to some balance changes that are in the works and to test build stability or find any hardware/software specific bugs.

We have new mechanics (such as Clogs on Webs!) and some balance changes (such as a refined Fade hitbox, Gorge tunnel build times and sounds!) along with some client optimizations that we'd like you to try. So if you're able to, come play some rounds and then give your opinion on the state of things, along with any suggestions you may have, in order to help shape the path of development for NS2.
You can always track what's being worked on here - but I'll also be giving a short changelog summary in voice during the beginning of the test.

Join our Official Discord Server a few minutes before the listed time in order to organize with us and ask any question before we play games.
You'll need to swap to the BETA branch of NS2 for this test.
Once you've selected the branch, then just idle in our General Voice channel to coordinate with us joining the server.

If all goes well, we'll be pushing this update next Tuesday

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me in our discord.
Thanks and see you there! :smile:


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