Crafting and todo lists

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Subnautica has some super tight gameplay loops that are great.
But in the middle of the game you can have a bunch of life-pods to check up on, recipes you are collecting for and information about some blah's like crap, where am I, what have I done...?
(especially the life pods where you don't get a signal but you have to hunt for them).

The later part of the game, when you are collecting for "groups" of things.
Like Crystaline, sulfur, kyanite - as well as basebuilding, it's hard to keep track of ALL the materials that you have on stockpile to say, knock out a Moonpool, vehicle bay, Thermal plant x2, storage locker.
cell charger.
And then being to break that down into base elements, so titanium ingots x2 = 20 titanium, 3 for the plant, 2 locker, 2 cell charger for 27 titanium you need to take from your stockpile.
For the Cell charger and the vehicle bay that's 6 gold, 4 table coral, 4 copper, 2 silver, 2 ruby.

Stacking your builds into a HUD guide would be handy.


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