What's wrong with Robinsons?

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After 500 years of terrible luck with traveling you'd have to wonder if some ancient Robinson had dissed Saint Christopher or something.

- Robinson Crusoe (1719) marooned 28 years on a Caribbean island dodging cannibals (and that's pre the invention of the volleyball)
- Swiss Family Robinson (1812). This time a whole family of Robinsons goes AWOL in remote Indonesia while sailing to Australia. Forced to live up a tree for 10 years.
- Lost in Space (late 1960s). Another family of Robinsons lucks out completely. This time they manage to lose the entire planet Earth. Forced to spend half a decade trapped in a camp spandex sci-fi TV production.
- Expedition Robinson (1994). Truly a real low point. When picked up by the US, this worldwide Reality TV franchise becomes known as Survivor. May God have mercy on our souls.
- Subnautica (2250). Ryley Robinson, quite unaware of the curse of his name, causes the wreck of a massive interstellar construction ship by his mere presence on board. All decisions effecting his survival is left entirely in the hands of anaemic keyboard jockeys kept in darkened rooms back on Earth.

Do not travel with a Robinson.
I've got my objections to the World, certainly. But I'll be very sorry to see it ruined.


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    Didn't get it until the end.
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    God can't help us anymore!
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