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Here's some changes to ns2_docking I have been working on:
  • Removed the lockers-terminal spawn pair. I’ve never had a good game with those spawns, and it’s much closer for skulks than any other spawn setup on any other official map.
  • Modified back alley. Is now wider and better lit, with less clutter. This is meant to make it less of a death trap for marines to be in this section of the path between lockers and bar, and possibly as a last-ditch staging area for attacking lockers. After playing over 5 games with this change, I haven’t seen it used once with a phase gate yet.
  • Ueo81d6.jpgBY0vq8a.jpg
  • Updated pathing to prevent some exploits and frustrating issues. Biggest changes this applies to is the caf baggage claim can no longer be passed under, and the ball court doors area can now have stuff go through the broken glass.
  • Changed the locker showers to have a taller ceiling and wider door area by angling one of the shower doors outward. This is meant to make it harder to wall off with clogs and make it easier to attack from some directions
  • Added some clutter near locker RT. This is meant to make it easier for skulks to traverse the area and have a place for lerks to dodge, making combat in the room a little more interesting. Hopefully this doesn't make the room too cramped when a hive is built.
  • RWa0yxg.jpg
  • Removed collisions from all railings. Docking was one of the only vanilla maps that still had railings blocking bullets. Instead now, every railing has been manually wrapped in collision geo which blocks movement but does not block bullets, just as almost every other vanilla map does.
  • QuWP2gs.jpg
  • Blocked many of the shortcuts in courtyard that were available to marines. Now marines must take the long way around as they traverse through the area... but please tell me if you discover any more trick jumps to bypass this.
  • Recreated the swinging crates in courtyard and landing pad in the cinematic editor so they swing in a more realistic manner. Players may also now pass through and shoot through the straps as a result.
  • Reworked the lighting of landing pad to better match the skybox. Psyk helped me a lot with this. This has a small impact but could make it easier to see aliens.
  • Switched the texture on all vent neon lights to better match the color of the lighting
  • Added two traffic cones to that darn vent near generator
  • Added collision geo to most stairs so your vision doesn’t bounce up and down as you go up them.
  • Added a flickering light cinematic to the onos bar for ambiance
  • Added an axe near the blood splatters in the generator vent. I don’t think the maintenance person went down without a fight.
  • Increased the height of the broken glass near ballcourt so that exosuits can pass through it
  • Added a custom shader to that glass because the old one was terrible.
  • Some vents had their ceiling pipes/wires collision enabled, some had them disabled. All vents now have ceiling wires collision enabled but are set to 50% scale. This should allow fades and marines quick access through vents.
  • Gorge tunnels can now be placed in terminal behind the desk
  • Fixed some location entities
  • Slightly taller ceilings in the hall between strand and departures

Map name: ns2_docking_nin ModID: 5261B671


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    Awesome changes. Should be played on more server!

    Can some Mod move this to the mapping forum?
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    So after all lot of nagging from my side I wanna back this up with some more suggestions.
    The map still has many flaws.
    Terminal start is too good for Marines, Cafeteria too bad, mainly due to travel times.
    Stability is still hard to crack for Aliens and it's too easy for Marines to shoot down the Generator Hive from there.

    My suggestions to improve Docking:

    -The vent leading from Maint to Stab is used more by Marines than Aliens. The exit to Maint has to go.
    (There is still another vent near Courtyard for Aliens to shortcut from Maint to Stability.)
    -Add another entrance from Gen according to the pictures.
    -Remove Terminal hallway leading to Courtyard. Connect the remaining hallway to East-Wing according to pictures.
    -Move Powernode in Stability.
    -Remove the vent exit into Bar to improve Cafe Start for Marines. Alien can still use the Central exit for backstabbing from Locker.
    There is no vent from Departures to East-Wing either, so I don't see why Locker needs one to Bar, especially since Locker is way better connected to Maint RT than Departures to Stability.
    -Terminal is too empty for a potential Hive. Add another docking_terminal_hub.model to the right side to give at least a bit of cover. This shouldn't hurt Marine Start much, the room is still very big and open.

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    The removal of the hallway to Courtyard from Terminal and connecting it to East Wing sounds like it would be very beneficial to the flow of the map. Travel time from an outer tech point to the center of the map should never be so short. Locker Rooms to Courtyard also suffers from this problem.
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