Supersizing the Seamoth - Central Carriage upgrade (aka the medium sized sub)

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Insert an interchangeable mid-section (a carriage) into the seamoth. Effectively adding an extra bulky mid-section between the cockpit and engine of the seamoth which has dedicated purpose
-Extending standard Seamoth capacity from scouting to pioneering (being able to hold it's own a bit longer so the player does not need to return their base after every discovery).

Initially, I was thinking, take a standard seamoth, cut it in the middle and add a Standard base section (singular tube) in the middle.
Allowing us to create a mini-base for ourselves and walk a few square feet.
But this would make the Cyclops redundant (aside from depth), especially when players were to squeeze in radios, first-aid, fabricator, lockers, Pots (pots for marblemelons).

So for the sake of Balance, we would have to have dedicated handcrafted sections with paper-scissor-stones pro's and cons:
- Effectively we are giving The Seamoth 2 Extra vehicle modules slots however each carriages only allows certain flavours of vehicle module upgrades attuned to its' roll.
- Obviously we are NOT adding capacity for food and water production(?)
- Carriages are dedicated hardware, Meaning we have to head back to a moonpools vehicle upgrade station to "fabricate" and swap out "carriages" or just create a fleet of super-sized seamoths to bunny hop between....
- The resulting modded Seamoth is slower (extra weight)
- The resulting modded Seamoth has Additional power-drain when the carriage-module are in use
- Vehicle Module Upgrade (seamoth only) extra power cell, which like the storage hatch, the extra power cell upgrade module can be seen and interacted externally on the seamoths hull).

The 3 areas I think the Seamoth could improve upon are
- Minning Carriage: 2 additional slots allowing for prawn-suit drill arm(s) or storage.
- Prospector Carriage: Mobile sensor room with 2 additional slots which are interchangeable with sensor modules from the sensor room (speed and range). And it eats powercells for fun, and advertising the big-bads.
- Pioneer Carriage : 3 extra seamoth upgrade slots, allowing players to hang out in the ocean gather resources and not have to return to base after every new discovery.
- Survival Carriage:??? No upgrade slots, but has radio, And the player can cycle between Water-filter, First Aid kit (and super slow) Food-block Fabrication.



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