Combat... is back again?!

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NS2:Combat has gone free to play!

What does this mean? Was this the FLG guys decision to do this, or UWE? Is the standalone game finally getting merged into vanilla? I have no idea! I was recently given permission to port any of the combat standalone maps to the NS2 workshop, so maybe others will be porting assets too.

In related news, I'm still working on the combat mod from time to time. Here are some recent developments:
  • Marine vs Marine now works with combat. It's a blast!
  • Shield generator now works with combat (and it's part of rebirth) as an optional mod for server operators. It adds a little extra health and some armor regen for marines for 2 points, requiring armor 3.
  • Grenades and mines can now be resupplied at armouries every 15 seconds
  • Respawn times are now shown on your GUI and were tweaked to be in waves. When you die, you respawn after 6 to 12 seconds on either team.
  • Class limits for aliens have been tweaked and are now shown on the evolve screen
  • Rebirth bots mod now works with combat, and their reaction times scale with the server's average hive skill.

If you have any feedback on the combat mod, let me know! Always looking for criticism.

Seems like there's still an interest in combat, and with the now free to play combat standalone, I hope someone will be able to bring in some of the assets to the NS2 workshop for everyone to play with.


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