Ideas for revamping the Scanner Room?

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Instead of a Scanner Room, it would be a Scanning Station.
-It would be an Interior Module that can only be placed inside a Multipurpose Room.
-It would need to be the top-most Multipurpose Room if they are stacked.
-When placed, the Multipurpose Room would have the rotating scanner piece on the roof.
-It would consist of 2 pieces: the Projection Table and the Scanning Wall.
-Occupies the center of the room and projects the local terrain.
-It would only rise a few feet of the ground, and would allow the player to stand on the the table.
-Upgrade Module Option A: The side facing the Scanning Wall would house the upgrades for the Scanning Station (speed and range).
-Has a list of scannable items
-Upgrade Module Option B: Below the scan list would be a 1X4 row where the upgrades would be placed.
-Has Camera Drone controls.
-Could house the Scanner Station fabricator (or be scrapped).
-If fabricator is scrapped:
---HUD Chip would be placed under "Personal"
---Camera Drones would be under "Deployable"
---Range and Speed Modules could fall under "Equipment"

I very much like the Scanner Room, but it seems very awkward and out of place a great majority of the time. As an Interior Module, it would be a better fit with the rest of the base and would hopefully be better utilized than having it's own dedicated room that most players would place and then never use it.


  • BomooBomoo Join Date: 2018-02-05 Member: 236923Members
    Funny enough I made almost the exact same suggestion some months back. Maybe needless to say, I'm fully in support of yours.
  • jamintheinfinite_1jamintheinfinite_1 Jupiter Join Date: 2016-12-03 Member: 224524Members
    Heres something as well that needs to be fixed if it hasn't. Awhile back camera drones were changed so they have infinity range. The thing is that they still get blurry if they go too far away and around 600m it is almost impossible to see with them. So I would like it so the blur is gone so they can still have the infinity range. (or the 500m range limit can be added back to them but I would perfer the infinity range to stay)
  • IHateBonesharksIHateBonesharks Join Date: 2018-08-19 Member: 242935Members
    The Drones could have a self-defence system like a Seamoth because, well, STALKERS
  • BoffBoff Sweden Join Date: 2018-08-12 Member: 242804Members
    Extending the Range with additional scanners so one skips having multiple scanner rooms,
  • stevenwojostevenwojo Texas, USA Join Date: 2016-09-11 Member: 222252Members
    Would be nice if one could "load" a beacon into the camera drone and be able to remotely drop it. That way something can be marked without having to leave the drone at the location and chance having a Stalker swim off with it. Would also be nice if a scanner module could be built into the Cyclops and/or Seamoth, maybe only after having built the original scanning room to alleviate having to build multiple scanning rooms all over the place.
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    As you know the scanner room has the place for the drones to recharge but it doesn't work that well because if you live next to stalkers they love to grab them from the scanner room which is very annoying if you think about it. How about for the scanner station they add tubes for the drones to leave the station and when you control them back you park them in the tube and stalkers are no longer aloud to touch them and get them off the station.
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