3 new fauna ideas for DLC

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I'm excited for the new arctic dlc - if it ever comes to Xbox - and I have ideas for creatures they could add which I think fit in the ecosystem and gameplay.

Outcrop Hermit

An alien hermit crab with big scissor like claws and bioluminescent eyes on stalks. It's shell would look very similar to outcrops such as limestone and sandstone, depending on where they lived. This could be a reason for rock punchers doing what they do, being the hermits' main predator. It would be quite hard to tell at first if an outcrop was a crab, even more so in low light, but they wouldn't be very common as to not completely ruin material farming. The crabs come in two sizes, small and large. A small one would look like a regular outcrop and is too small to be a threat so would just scuttle away. Damaging it's true body would send it back into its shell for a bit. They could be consumed. A large one would look like a large outcrop - these would be around the same size as resource deposits, require a few knife hits or a drill to break and hold 3-6 goodies. When hit the hermit would become aggressive and fast, each snip from its claws doing 25 health to the player and low damage to small vechicles. It would be very dangerous on land as you can just stay above it underwater. Like the small crabs, damaging its body would make it retreat into its shell for some time, but you would have to hurt it more than once.

Mimic fish

A deep water fish with a dark coloured body that is similar in shape to a real fish called a fangtooth (look it up if you want). It has a big mouth but without the massive teeth and is very intelligent. To catch prey it can mimic the sound of other fish such as a mating call and then catch them. It can also mimic the sounds of predators like leviathans to deter them. Mimicking these dangerous creatures would be what they did to affect gameplay as the player could panick, thinking they were in grave danger when nothing was there as the fish will not attack humans. If you managed to find one it could be caught and eaten like other fish.

Serpent Leviathan

This leviathan species would be green with greenish/blue armour plates on its back, with a body shape like the ghost leviathan but even thinner. It would hang around near cave entrances usually and as it is thin to hunt it would put its head through holes in the caves. Because of this hunting strategy, if it sees a hull breach in your cyclops (or any large sub they add) it will circle you for a while before attacking the hull breach, doing lots of damage to your sub. Hitting it with a knife a few times or using other weapons like the stasis rifle will stop it from attacking the breach. It will eventually lose interest if ignored but by then your precious mobile base will of lost 40-50% health. Two bites can kill an unarmed player and it acts like most other leviathans towards smaller vehicles.

Please tell me what you think of these, I tried to make them interesting and not just big scary things. Those are just some of my ideas, what am I doing with my life... I'd also appreciate better names.


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