Finished playing, here’s a list of everything I found in a hopes it helps you guys ou

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The big one is the loading speed of the turaine. It renders so slowly that it’s easy to fly over a wreck that looks like sand because it hasn’t rendered in yet. This also means you get stuck in things occasionally when they render in around you, and worse yet once you get to the end of the game in all those tunnels, it’s really immersion breaking.
So that’s the big one.
I also had a problem with magnetite not spawning in at all, so I essentially had to cheat.
The first human base on the floating mountain? It also never rendered in... dont know why that happened...
My multipurpose rooms also would not stack...
I had an annoying box telling me constantly that one of my bases power was off, even though i only put it there with a solar panel to basically work as a stop over... this was just annoying...
my sea moth got stuck several times inside wrecks while chugging along and suddenly a wreck would spawn in around my seamoth lol
When I repaired the reactor nothing happened... I had to use console commands to reset it and fix it a second time.
I also didn’t find a single time capsule.

Okay positive things. The game is beautiful and the atmosphere is amazing. ‘I loved the story and the voice logs.
I loved the very limited pet/tame system that’s in place and I wish there where more and the system was deeper though the rendering is the biggest problem and that needs fixing first.

I only wish I could have experienced this game on the computer.
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