Scary Subnautica Dream

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>be me
>early game
>surfacing after a cave dive for air
>see Aurora in distance
>spot creature on top of Aurora near aft section
>looks like a deathclaw from Fallout only much larger.
>thing was almost as tall as the Aurora’s command structure
>it was chewing on a piece of metal
>thing spots me
>lets out a skyward scream
>jumps off Aurora into water
>I quickly hurry back to Lifepod. 5
>climb side ladder
>hop in and close and lock top hatch
>lifepod rocks with a thundering crash
>everything goes black
>I wake up


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    I had a pretty scary one once. The entire area was a very different layout. I'll try to draw a map later of what I remember. I do remember that the Aurora was very torn up and mangled, and was completely under water in the northern-northwestern area. The shallows were all on the western edge of the map, with the Aurora being in reaper territory, with a Reaper actually swimming around inside the wreckage. Pretty much the entire map had Reapers as well. I know that the Blood Kelp was to the south-west of the map, South of the small strip of shallow water. There was a cool coral biome similar to a combination of Safe Shallows, Grand Reef, and crag field directly south of the Aurora. That was where one of the entrances to the River was. The LR was extremely long and winding, and... Yeah, I'll just draw a map at some point.
    It is my opinion that the best place to build a base is the northern end of the Sparse Reef.

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    When I was young I used to actively try to make things scary. It was weird, but it didn’t bother me so I just did it every once in a while. I was sitting around one day and had a weird thought.

    I pictured someone playing subnautica like you do, but somehow unlocking a “secret signal” from the PDA. The signal was named “survivors detected” or something like that and, after following it, lead straight into the void. This was before the ghosts were added, so the void was a blank, terrifying canvas. I don’t know how far the signal went exactly, but after following it for some time the player found an old abandoned base at the sea floor of the void. Going into it lead to some weird hallucinations of getting lost and drowning in a underwater maze. In the end, the player finds skeletal remains of the crew and possibly a decrepit sea monster feeding on them.

    For some reason, this particular scenario was unnerving for me.
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