Do you care if NS2 would support 240hz monitors?



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    This Video explains very well why you always want high fps in online shooter:

    Sad thing is, i mentioned it 1000 times before, fps in ns2 didnt feel like the same fps in other shooters.
    You want a proof?
    Start your own server.
    open the console and type "maxfps 130" (or cap it to a ammount you like), then type "fps" in console and run around on the empty server.
    Everything feels fine? ok

    Now type "cheats 1"
    and spawn lets say 7 bots with the command "addbot 7"

    Run around.
    But, wtf.
    The fps still shows 130 but you will instantly feel the difference.
    Its much more choppy and the mouse feels less responsive,.. compared to same fps without bots.

    So there is still something fundamental wrong in how ns2 handle fps.
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