Some tips on powering your base from...anywhere

HikawikaHikawika England Join Date: 2018-04-06 Member: 239843Members
If you like to build stuff or are just starting out then i think this little guide will help u :)

Most of the experienced players may already know this little "exploit", but maybe they do not. idk

First things first. I have made a video that shows the simplest ( but not most economical way) of getting power to your base from anywhere.
second thing is i DO NOT USE power transmitters
thirdly. i dont have a fancy high end pc. i have a Dell laptop with a 4th gen i3. so i play on low settings :P
4th... cos i have crappy laptop,and have already started the game and build stuff, it may seem slow to most of u...see above
lastly... in order to cut down on video length etc i have use the debug commands, such as fast build and no cost. Howerver i have done this "trick" without the "cheats" so,i`ll prolly make a vid to show that.

anyways..the vid.
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