Siege 2019 - Open Mic Night [ Weekly Updates ]

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I wrote notes on my phone using my pen.
I am not sure that any of this will make any sense. It's more of my brainstorm.

You are welcome to make fun of my handwriting. I've thrown out my shoulder from 2014-2017 for my contributions to siege.

I've attached a pdf.

Edit: Checkout the post below for the first week.


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    Week 1 complete
    Here are 7 pages of notes attached VIA PDF Files I've written on my phone while working on the following down below. Check out the maps one in particular if others are garbage.

    No code published. Only on twitch stream is it shown. Or youtube highlights.

    4.30 2019t directorcam map entity director class
    I added a new map entity object class named DirectorCamera. Place the angles and the director will load the entity and add it to a list of eligable positions. This map 2019t is the early stages: Concept design to mimic a squared circle, and stage rectangle. Early stages. I also wired the doors from previous versions, and added breakable door. The good thing is the doors block damaging through. I've also placed a version of "payload_arc" and "payload_arc_wp". In this instance I tell the arc to follow the waypoints without anyone nearby. The arc and wp require linked chains. I currently have ugly for loops and I know exactly how to improve my writing when I have the time. current, prev, next linked node between the arc and the wp. -- Watch live at

    5.1 2019t
    A bit simpler design in this version with the circle water and square platform. The uniform rock walls aint bad. I'm aware that I have a stack of previous maps to rely on for easy clicking of layer, copying and pasting over to any space I desire. I am attempting to design a map from scratch without design and improvising. I've gotten the algorithm down. It's a matter of making the geometry look nice within the editor and loading up the directorcam to anaylze seperate angles of the map in game so I can align both to talk with eachother. -- Watch live at

    5.1 2019t d
    The important aspect of the visual appeal in this version is what keeps bringing me back. If I keep revamping over and over and save the scraps then eventually a nice looking environment will form. This version looks a whole lot more clean in design. I am trying to get better with lighting: shadows, environmental (sun from skybox?) realistic looking windows outside is something I have trouble with. As for the mod itself should be functional to an extent. However, I am writing the mod from scratch importing from previous writings and enhancing my writings as I go and as I build the map I will demonstrate all of the features required to play the map from start to finish. Including support for previous maps and enhanced features to extend support for maintaining. I did not include the siege room in this video because it's bland too ;). -- Watch live at

    5.1 2019t c
    I liked the idea of creating geometry that allowed players to walk from ground level to ceiling level. Jetpackers wont need jetpacks. Exos could spam down. Oni may hate raining bullets. Fades may enjoy the obstacles. In the end I saved this version and scrapped it due to the sides looking odd, the ceiling odd, the roller coaster type mid air pathing looking strange. If you look at it carefully I merged three pathings between eachother but looking up at it as a player looks messy! Save for later maybe? I'm getting caught up in the map making. I could be writing lua but this is too fun. The map makes me want to write lua if I can get a design for a good map then I'll want to make it work technically, and be compatible with previous maps stack. I forgot to mention that I updated the front siege doors to have a setting inside the editor to specify seconds duration for opening. As you can see on left of screen when game starts I have it reading the setting specified within spark. Connecting map editor, entity and lua code talking together is surprisingly simple. -- Watch live at

    4.30 Doors-Editor-ImportFromSiegeSimple
    Quick import. These doors block bullets, flames. Do they block bile? I shall find out. Tune in later where I wire the map editor to take seconds and communicate the time setting with the Timers object I imported from SandCastle--Siege SImple and renamed -- Watch live at

    4.30 director(Class), directorCam map ent
    Importation, Improvisation, Tweaking && Maintenance. I do not consent any usage of this writing without my own server hosting the source to play. (Shine) -- Watch live at

    4.30 pl_arcImport, pl_arc_wpImport
    Early stages PL_ARC, PL_ARC_WP. Requires many improvements: Removal of nested loops and implementation of linked chain nodes prev current next. The idea of going backward, current, next requires extra logic. -- Watch live at

    5.1 doors timers gui wiring
    timer itself, countdown display, actual perf. All the calculations and communications between several class objects written not in the most traditional way as much as my way. Import from Siege Simple: Remove SD, add back side/primary/alternate doors. I also add global specific. timers for front and siege as a map entity attr to work with the lua side although can be improved to have single specific door times for each door. -- Watch live at

    5.1 2019t bunkerbreakabledoor,lighting
    I do have a "DiscoLighting" setting VIA lua that changes lights.... -- Watch live at

    5.1 frontdoor siegedoor time

    5.2 2019t lighting texture redesign
    Quite a dramatic change going from awesome fancy lighting down to the simple and.... -- Watch live

    5.1 2019t inoccent multi layering geometry
    Because it's fun to have more than one level of height inside a width locked dimension. Increase your y.

    5.2 antiexploit 1
    If player in location "siege" or "Siege" and not siege door open then kill. Yes it happens. How's the perf ?

    5.2 antiexploit 2
    if only using ordercomplete then deploying tricks it to not complete order. Mac only has onordercomplete right now. --

    5.2 antiexploit 3
    vanilla shift echo, contamination, default hive infestation radius. Yuck yuck yuck. Needs more alien beacons: Eggs, Structure, Or. Just daydreaming

    5.2 super (wip) marine
    Looks okay. More improved. Better lighting textures layering and attempts of detailing and slight balance changing. Box should be 2019t? If I feel like i'm on a spaceship then that's good design. Stupid squares and rectangles. Alien side looks good too. This highlight only shows marine.

    Importation of 2019t inside (ns_)super(siege) along with all other shtuff. Needs powerpoint. -- Watch live at
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    I've purchased a server and the IP Address is
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    I have plentiful video cam from a newly published steam workshop mod [Shine] Director, and then some.
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    For a portion of Siege 2019, I've attempted to rewire some adjustable network variables on a number of classes throughout ns2, and merge them with commander research buffs. For each research an average of 10% buff to try out, such as the arms lab +10% weapons and armor. As for the cost and research speed? up for debate. I am excited to fine tune these settings over time.

    Alien Research:
    CragHeals1 - Increase: HealPercent, Min Heal, Max Heal by 10%.
    WhipBuff1 5% increase of movespeed, max speed, range, bombard range, bomb speed
    DigestComm Sometimes a commander may not want a specific entity, eh.
    AlienHealth1 Increase Alien max hp 10%
    SkulkRage 10% faster skulk primary attack animation
    GorgeBombBuff 10% radius increase for bile bomb
    HydraBuff1 5% increase in dmg(does it need range too?)

    Marine Research:
    JetpackFuel1 Decrease jetpack fuel replenish delay by 10%
    RunSpeed1 Walking and running speed increase by 4%. 10 too fast, 5 too noticeable. Try 4!
    MacDefenseBuff 15% increase of weld rate, construct rate
    ClipSize1 Increase Rifle Clipsize 10%
    ArmoryBuff1 Increase HealAmount, Interval, Range by 10%. (Global)

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