AZERTY full native support please !!! :(

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Hey there,

French player here,

The game is very annoying for AZERTY user. I modified Z & Q & A & W for movement, I still have troubleshout

Most annoying stuff

- Can't open the console with " ² ", (équivalent of " ` " of QWERTY Keyboard) had to :

1/ ALT+SHIFT then " `"
2/ ALT+SHIFT type my command
3/ ALT+SHIFT to close the console
4/ ALT+SHIFT to walk normaly...

In other problems :

- Spark Editor WSDA visualisation is a pain is the ass
- commander (very annoying)
- probably other things I forgot :dizzy:

While waiting for "hopefully" an update, please tell me which config.cfg I can modify the binds...


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    You can rebind your console key in the options menu. (I set mine to NumPadMultiply).

    Unfortunately there isn't currently an option to change the WASD bindings for the editor.
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    Hi everyone,

    I have the same reaction to the missing AZERTY keyboard feature.
    Right now I'm using Windows+Space shortcut to change keyboard input type but it's definitely a workaround.
    Sincerely, I think it's a bug because every french and belgian user will be dismayed to find that this feature is missing.

    Thanks for the future patch :wink:
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