Ghost Leviathan Lore

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To put it very simply - I believe Ghost Leviathans are triplets, which would explain the extreme size difference between a Ghost Leviathan egg and a Sea Dragon Leviathan egg. It would also explain why there are 3 Ghost Leviathan juveniles in the Lost River, 3 adults in the biomes outside the Lost River, and 3 in the Crater Edge.

Each Ghost Leviathan begins life in the Tree Cove area from an egg protected by the Giant Cove Tree. They start to feed excessively in order to grow larger, and may even resort to cannibalism, which is probably why they separate from each other. One travels north and ends up in the Ghost Forest area, the second travels east to the Mountain Corridor, and the third travels south to patrol the Bone Field region. When they start to get bigger, they have to move out of the Lost River. However, from this moment the lore has a significant hole. The Ghost Leviathan in the Ghost Forest moves out to the Northern Blood Kelp Zone, and the one in the Bones Field moves into the Grand Reef. The inconsistency here is the third Ghost Leviathan in the Mountain Corridor, which will apparently travel back through the Junction, down past the Bones Field to also end up in the Grand Reef.

A - Suggestion: remove one Ghost Leviathan from the Grand Reef and place it in the Bulb Zone, given that the other 2 Ghost Leviathans simply exit their respective regions to the neighboring one, the third one should as well. This way, when they get too large, the Ghost Leviathan in the Mountain Corridor would logically move out into the Bulb Zone instead of going a much longer route. I suggest the Bulb Zone because I think if it were placed in the Mountains, a war would start between that Ghost Leviathan and nearby Reaper Leviathans, of which the Bart-type players would happily establish a base nearby just to watch the show. The Maida-type players would watch and wait until there was a winner via the death of the opponent to rush in and finish off the victor. The Paul-type players would simply steer clear of the region.

B - Theory: before exiting the Lost River permanently, the 3 Ghost Leviathans reunite in the Cove Tree to breed. One Ghost Leviathan would produce a new egg near the base of the tree, and the other two would fight over which one gets to be the genetic contributor. In this specific generation, the loser left to dwell alone in the Northern Blood Kelp Zone, while the other two secured a new generation, and left together to reside in the Grand Reef, which is why there are no Ghost Leviathans in the Bulb Zone.

In either scenario, it would be amazing if there was a rare transition cycle (perhaps a full week of game play: 7 real-time days), where the Adult Ghost Leviathans suddenly abandon their patrol zones for the Crater Edge. During this time, 3 matured Ghost Leviathans would exit the Lost River into their respective neighboring biomes, and 3 baby Ghost Leviathans would emerge from their egg and begin their journey through the Lost River. They would hatch from the largest egg towards the top of the tree, and the egg hatching could cause many of the tree limbs to snap, and the next egg will slowly rise up to the top of the tree, while the newest egg will slowly become entwined in the branches as the tree grows. Perhaps with each new cycle, we could instead see 2 Ghost Leviathans in the Northern Blood Kelp Zone, while the Grand Reef becomes empty, and the Bulb Zone sees a new fauna (or any combination therein).
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