please explain the spectator slot system to me

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so perhaps i'm a fool (likely) and perhaps i've already seen a thread or two complaining about this, but it seems this whole spectator slot system is fuuuuuuuarked

typical scenario:

1. join a 20 player server with 4 spec slots

2. 20 people playing, i go into spec

3. one player leaves, server now has 19/20 players, and 1/4 specs

4. try to f4 and join ready room, and told there is no room, meanwhile some guy is connecting. this happens 3-4 times in a row until finally somebody leaves and nobody instantly joins, then you have time to join ready room and then join a team

how exactly is this system mean to work? isn't the idea you spec, then you can join a team when there's a leaver? why should people who weren't speccing and might have only been queuing for a minute take greater priority?


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    The idea behind the spectator system was never to have it used for people to queue to play... It has been used like that for a long time, but it wasn't the intention.

    The purpose behind spectator slots is so that people that want to watch, can watch.

    Many servers used to have slots set aside for spectators, but there was no way to show that 4 of the 24 slots was for spectators and not for players other than writing it in the server name, which doesn't help people that are using "play now" and are being thrown onto that server.

    So, to stop people being confused as to why they clicked "play now", were put onto a server by "play now" but... couldn't actually play... Spectator slots were made.
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    Just a few things about the idea behind the spectator system...

    1) I really seriously doubt we would have many people (if any) running into the problem of wanting to spec a game, but not being able to because the spec slots are filled with people waiting to play.

    2) When you can queue for a player slot, but get forced into spec anyway when it connects you. Only to then see that you can't f4 to get the available player spot that you were specifically queued up for because someone else who joined the server after you is still connecting.... it's a huge problem.

    3) The ability to hit f4 from spec is inconsistent. Sometimes you can't even though there's an open player slot and nobody connecting so you should be able to. If the intention is for spec players to not play.. then you should have to disconnect/reconnect in order to both join and leave spec. (so no more being moved to spec when flagged afk)

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    It's pretty simple. You insert the spectator system into your mouth and then you pull the trigger and wind up in purgatory forever.
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