Natural selection steam release

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Hello dear everyone,
As some of you might know, some survivors started to play gathers again on our dear and old natural selection 1.
All is well and working very nice cept we are having trouble finding players to play with at some time. I have no doubt that the game could still interest a certain population of players that might think the game as unplayable or too old right now. But surprisingly enough, it is still working like a charm and not at all disgusting to look at !

So my question to UWE would be: Do you think it is possible to have valve allows for the game to be released as a standalone game ? I don't know what it would take but the game is ready. So most likely just a contact at steam willing to help... Some mods made their ways through this process and were then played again for a while. Why not NS ?
To UWE I don't know why you would oppose yourself to this process as you game is now a classic and therefore if you want it to keep its status you need to make it available to the mass (as TF or CS 1.6 or even doom...)
This is your history, it deserves more than a forgotten downloader on your website.

Will be waiting for replies.
All the best,



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