Passive Tiger Plant?

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I could swear up and down that the Tiger Plant was passive inside the Alien Containment. However, I come home to a flooded base, dead Stalker, dead Ampeel, dead Sand Shark, dead Bone Shark, dead Lava Lizard. I was hoping to have a Tiger Plant, but if it's just going to kill everything and flood my base, I'm going to say "screw Tiger Plants." Fortunately, my 5 Cuddlefish were in another Containment.

To make matters worse, for some odd reason, my Crabsnake is wailing, which makes the entire area seem haunted. I thought at first there was a Ghost Leviathan, but I was situated at the Mountain Island, and the Reaper was on the other side of the island. Even picking the Crabsnake up doesn't quiet the sounds. I am hoping saving and quitting will make things quiet, but now I have to find the eggs to replace the creatures I lost.

UPDATE: Restarting the game stopped the wailing.


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    Sorry to say, but Tiger Plants remain hostile in containment units. It's not a bug, but a trait of the plant, since they react to the water movement around them. The various fish you can pacify by feeding them, but the Tiger Plant always feels threatened, and thus lashes out. No amount of feeding can tame a plant. :P
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