Weapon stutter / cancel attack when enemy is on screen

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Hi all,

I'm experiencing a very strange problem as of lately. Since ca. 1 week (not sure if there was a new update) whenever an enemy is visible on my screen (regardless of whether I'm alien or marine) my attack keeps getting interrupted. This means if I'm shooting my LMG, it will stop after a random number of shots (1-10) and I'll have to press attack again. Also it does not always "register" me pressing attack, so when using the SG in some instances it does not fire at all. Same goes for Alien attacks.

Even stranger is that this only seems to happen when there is an enemy visible on my screen. I can empty 10 lmg mags in marine base without one stutter just to be stopped after 3 rounds once a skulk appears.

I had not changed any settings, this just appeared when I started NS2 after playing without any issue the night before. I have reinstalled NS2, updated graphic driver and just for the sake of it changed mouse USB ports...

My system is i72600; Geforce 1080; 12Gig ram and I have constant 60 frames; I do not have this issue in any other game.

Any idea what the issue could be?
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